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Gilbert Arenas: Caron Butler snitched, hid Javaris Crittenton's gun after locker room incident

Last week Gilbert Arenas posted a profanity-laced response to a new Caron Butler autobiography, Tuff Juice. In the response, Arenas disputed Butler’s recounting of a 2009 incident in which Arenas and former Wizards teammate Javaris Crittenton brought guns into the Wizards locker room. 547 more words


Gilbert Arenas Shares A Now-Deleted Version Of The 2009 Locker Room Gun Showdown

Earlier this week, we published a heavily excerpted account of the 2009 locker-room gun standoff between Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton that Caron Butler published in his fantastic new autobiography, … 1,398 more words


Gilbert Arenas says Caron Butler's Wizards gun story is wrong, provides even scarier version

On Thursday the Washington Post published an excerpt from Caron Butler’s new book, Tuff Juice: My Journey from the Streets to the NBA, that recounted the 2009 incident in which Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton brought guns into the Wizards locker room and Crittenton allegedly pointed a loaded weapon at Arenas. 1,019 more words


Annotated Timeline: Gilbert Arenas Refutes Caron Butler's Account of 2009 Gun Incident

WASHINGTON — Former Wizard Gilbert Arenas is refuting former teammate Caron Butler’s first-hand account of an altercation involving guns which took place in Washington’s locker room in 2009. 1,727 more words


There's A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Gilbert Arenas Gun Incident In Caron Butler's New Book

The Gilbert Arenas era of the Washington Wizards disbanded rather unceremoniously after the locker room standoff between Arenas and Javaris Crittenton in December of 2009. The incident, while serious in nature, took on a near-mythical aura after only vague details were revealed as the NBA and the Wizards tried to let it fall prey to the residue of time. 689 more words


"I Play with Guns." Gilbert Arenas to Crittenton in 2009

Former Washington Wizard Caron Butler has a book that came out today, “Tuff Juice, My Journey from the Streets to the NBA.” He recently released an excerpt through the Washington Post that gives his own first hand account of that infamous card game between… 129 more words


Caron Butler Remembers the Gilbert Arenas - Javaris Crittenton Gun Standoff, and It's Still Ugly

Gilbert Arenas was in the middle of a $111 million contract in 2009 when he and teammate Javaris Crittenton got into a disagreement on the team plane about a card game. 217 more words