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A Toolbox of the Angular 2 Developer

Say you need to hire a Web developer experienced with Angular. What would you expect the developer to know? Well, he or she needs to know how to create Angular components, what’s data binding, dependency injection, routing et al. 796 more words


Tvoříme applikaci na web, mobil i hodinky, pro kluky i blondýnky #6

Posledně jsme si ukázali jak vytvořit vlastní funkci a animaci, nemůžu se dočkat co si ukážeme dneska?

Dneska si ukažeme “záření” (emit) v případě že se pánaček dotkne ovoce, ale napřed si pojdmě ukázat, jak zvládnout domácí úkol. 1,535 more words

Building My First App With Node

I’ve made it through the end of the first half of my programming intensive course at General Assembly. Just barely.

After a 3-week frontend introduction, we shifted gears to the backend. 822 more words


ES2015 part 1 - How to write classes

In ES5 classes are mimicked by using prototypes.

The ES5 code I’m currently writing for a client looks similar to:

In ES2015 syntax the same code would look like: 221 more words



Today I dabbled with Meteor and as I’m presuming most of you already know about it, I’ll just introduce it with a screen-shot:

I completed the first tutorial and found it really helpful and interesting. 95 more words


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Javascript Truth Table with && and II

When writing code, it is useful to remember what results you’ll get when you && or || two booleans together.

When you AND (&&) two booleans together, … 74 more words