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angular.copy and angular.extend

First you need to know shallow and deep copy in javascirpt.

shallow copy and deep copy

  • Shallow copy has the top level object and points to the same object.
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As I was trying to learn some of the angular 2.0 features and pertaining to ES6, to start I wanted to try the object.observe. A good place to start reading was… 351 more words


On Initialising Constructors

Several years ago I worked on a project where the lead had established a pattern for constructors.

function Constructor() { }
Constructor.prototype.initialise = function () { /* initialisation */ }
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Day 13

Forgot to post this last night, but I did spend a good amount of time coding yesterday. I finished three of the Free Code Camp challenges, so now I’m at 66% complete on the JavaScript track on Codecademy. 50 more words


Projekt lommeregner

Okay, de sidste 2 dages arbejde har været med henblik på et lille projekt, som de andre front-end developers mente kunne være en sjov udfordring for mig (jeg tvivler dog :D). 128 more words


Manage JavaScript dependencies with BowerStatic

Last month I explained how to use Fanstatic to manage JS dependencies. Since we were more and more displeased by using Fanstatic, we recently switched to… 1,807 more words


Web Languages

In today session I had look at a detail scripts. One is a script in Javascript enabling you to collect data entered into a form and perform a number of calculations. 23 more words