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Getting incorrect email for SharePoint user

Recently, we experienced an interesting issue regarding SharePoint profile, and I would like to share it to everyone.

We used JSOM code to pull current user’s emaill address; however, we found some users either have empty email or outdated email address. 102 more words

SharePoint 2013

The Journey Begins

Hello World!

So I finally started a blog to document the ups and downs of my journey to becoming a Self-Taught Developer. I suppose my first blog post is the best place to introduce myself and to explain why I am learning to code and and what my current goals are. 714 more words




$.cookie(‘dineshpithiya’, 123456789 , { path: ‘/’ } );


echo $_COOKIE[“dineshpithiya”];


Build ASP.Net Core Razor Page Application

In this post, I’m going to show how to build ASP.net Core Web Application with Razor Pages.

Razor Pages is a new aspect of ASP.net core MVC, Razor pages make a coding page focused approach to develop web applications. 430 more words


Proje Takip Sistemi (PTS)

Bu blog yazısı yapmış olduğum Proje Takip Sistemi isimli projenin tanıtımı hakkındadır.

Proje Takip Sistemi

Proje Takip Sistemi üniversitelerde öğretim görevlileri tarafından verilen projelerin takibini yapabilmek amacıyla geliştirilmiş web tabanlı bir sistemdir.  776 more words


Javascript Date : dd/mm/yyyy with time

var currentdate = new Date();
var datetime = (‘0’ + currentdate.getDate()).slice(-2) + “/”
+ (‘0’ + (currentdate.getMonth() + 1)).slice(-2) + “/”
+ currentdate.getFullYear() + ” ” 13 more words