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Chrome And The Web App Revolution

Quick update from the world of Chrome. The new version in stable (chrome://version = 42 just like the answer to the universe) brings some interesting and powerful features that give web developers more options to create amazing experiences. 414 more words


Being Lazy

I’ve always had the feeling that I’m a lazy person. I mean, not the laziest one out of all of my friends, but certainly not the hardest working either. 633 more words


JavaScript- Function Invocation

The next stage of development in JavaScript: Functions is Function Invocation. This section covers Using functions as objects, Invoking instances through the constructor, Expanding functionality through prototype, Understanding call-and-apply invocation, Using the arguments parameter, Returning values and Social media navbar. 


Toggle CSS Effects with Browser JavaScript Speed Test

So you fired up all of these fancy CSS or JavaScript effects: gradients, shadows, animations, transitions. And things look great on your new hardware. But then you try things on a legacy iPhone or aging laptop. 221 more words


Zyring Day 9 - more maps...

Adding pins to Google Maps

Another straightforward one that does what it says on the tin, though I needed to view the example here to work out exactly how to do it. 144 more words

Zyring Day 8 - Google Maps time!

Google Maps API key

Nice easy step here – obtain a key for the Google Maps API. OK, this was actually slightly more complicated than expected as Google’s instructions appear to be out of date, and the actual process was a bit different… not too much of a challenge though. 232 more words