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Building Web Apps with Meteor

Meteor is an amazing framework that makes it really easy to build real time web applications with simple web technologies like Java script and HTML. 128 more words


Best way to detect a mobile device in jquery

Hi fellas, just few days ago i needed to turn off some functionalities if user comes from a mobile/tablet device so i needed a best and concise way to do this. 117 more words

Let's have some fun with Javascript

It has been a while since I last posted something. I was thinking about just having fun with Javascript first before heading into very difficult stuff like frameworks and JQuery and complicated Javascript techniques. 42 more words


JavaScript Inheritance

There isn’t much to explain here other than here is a great way to achieve inheritance within JavaScript.

"use strict";

function User(firstName) {
  this.firstName = firstName;

function NewUser(firstName) {
  User.call(this, firstName);
NewUser.prototype = Object.create(User.prototype);
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CRUD with CouchDB in Node.js

I started working with database management systems with FoxPro 2.6 which seemed back in the days extremely powerful to me, until 2000 when I learned MySQL, which was a true relational database management system. 2,932 more words


Unary, Binary and Ternary Operator in JavaScript

A unary operator requires a single operand, either before or after the operator:
operator operand
operand operator
For example, i++ or ++i.

delete, typeof, void… 64 more words


AngularJS - Formas diferentes de abordar os controladores

Praticamente todos os exemplos que vemos na web, especialmente os tutoriais para principiantes, abordam o uso de um controlador da seguinte forma:

  .module('app', []) 
  .controller('AppController', function ($scope) { 
    $scope.todos = [ 
        tarefa: 'Tarefa 1', 
        deadline: '' 
        tarefa: 'Tarefa 2', 
        deadline: '' 
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