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Dynamics CRM Hacks - Remove Mandatory Field on Form

Heeeelloooooooooww guyss!

It’s been a long time I haven’t blog again, now it’s time to keep this blog updated.

Today’s post, we will discuss how to hack dynamics CRM.. 278 more words

Problems with static inheritance

Some time in 2013 as I was working through some JavaScript constructor inheritance tests, I found an example of static inheritance as an anti-pattern (meaning don’t bother with it) in the transpiled code from a… 1,080 more words


Preserving /*** multiline strings ***/ with UglifyJS2

Here are two quick and dirty examples showing how to preserve /*** multiline string comments ***/ when using uglifyjs (i.e., uglify 2.0). The first uses the basic… 312 more words


JavaScript's eval() and Function()

In this post, I examine JavaScript’s eval function and the Function constructor to highlight their similarities as well as their subtle differences, and how to use them without problems. 2,005 more words


JavaScript & JQuery: A More Beautiful Way to Learn Web Development

These days, there’s no shortage of online resources for teaching yourself to code, but there’s also nothing like reading a good instruction book from start to finish.

31 more words

Using beforeGetFeatureInfo event for filtering layers to get info

*For OpenLayers 2.13

Put an empty array as layers property in WMSGetFeatureInfo (We will generate the layer array in the event): line 4

Suscribe event: line 47… 275 more words


Javascript Chapter01 'Scope' 01

Compiled or Not?

Reading about Javascript, we usually read that JS belongs to interpreted languages, not the compiled ones (like C# or Java). But the thing is JS is also a compiled language, the only difference is when the compiling itself is taking place. 303 more words