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Merging ModelState validation with Knockout models

Scenario: you have a server-side object in .NET, which you then serialize across to a client-side Knockout view model. Knockout supplies validation on the client-side, but you have one or two rules that you want to enforce on the server and only on the server, and for whatever reason you don’t want to run these asynchronously. 286 more words

Send Desktop Notifications using browser

Hello Guys ,

I came across a new feature adopted by majority of social network platforms and email clients that is allowing desktop notifications through browsers. 166 more words

Browser Notifications

Week #5 - Working with Dreamweaver and Images

What we talked about in class today:

  • Banners: what works, what doesn’t.
  • Deciphering HTML, applying web-safe colors. Applying layouts.
  • Tweaking CSS for color and layout.
  • 65 more words

jquery-fade-slider v2.0 Released

25 days after publishing the initial release of this plugin, today I have released and advanced version of jquery-fade-slider

I have also improved the documentation around this significantly. 15 more words


20 Something: Computer Programming is Fun!

I recently picked up computer programming. Or rather, I’ve started learning some computer programming. I’m focusing on JavaScript at the moment. Some people have told me that Java is going the way of the mammoth, but I don’t see how. 532 more words

20 Something

Javascript in PeopleSoft to restrict Characters on Long Edit Box!!

We are writing the validation for long edit box which is placed besides the highlighted box.

Please paste below code in HTML Area object on level 0 of PeopleSoft page as highlighted. 128 more words