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JavaScript setTimeout() and setInterval()

setTimeout( function, duration) − This function calls function after duration milliseconds from now. This goes for one execution. Let’s see an example −

It waits for 2000 milliseconds, and then runs the callback function alert(‘Hello’) − 89 more words


Diferenças entre Javascript e Java

Porquê nomes tão parecidos?

A semelhança nos nomes se dá pelo fato de na época da criação da linguagem, a linguagem java já existia e era bastante conhecida, logo, os criadores do javascript que nos primórdios chamava mocha e depois livescript decidiram então, batizar a linguagem de javascript. 248 more words

Curso Em Video

Nerds of the rock: Is JavaScript your cup of tea or, in climbers terms, your shape of climbing shoe?

Previously we described how HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work together to create a dynamic webpage. But, before we continue, it would be a good idea to consider if JS is your cup of tea. 597 more words


Byte Tool

Let’s talk about developing your own tools. It’s hard to come up with an introduction to this because it’s such a pervasive thing in programming that it feels like talking about breathing. 1,050 more words

Node.js Design Patterns

Design and implement production-grade Node.js applications using proven patterns and techniques, 3rd Edition
Mario Casciaro and Luciano Mammino
Packt Publishing

Node.js often is thought of simply as a small but helpful tool for working with JavaScript code while developing applications. 337 more words

Book Reviews

44 câu hỏi xoáy đáp xoay trong JavaScript

Ông bà ta thường nói học phải đi đôi với hành, qua một số bài viết về lý thuyết, từ cơ bản đến nâng cao, nào là this context, array, object, prototype,… Mình nghĩ đã đến lúc chúng ta cần phải thực hành, ôn lại kiến thức đã học. 3,876 more words


for loop & JavaScript

Looping is the most familiar concept in the arena of programming. One of the most basic and most used programming syntax. Throughout this article we will see the different way to loop through array and objects in JavaScript. 1,070 more words