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arguments object function

arguments object function example

function sum(){
	var result = 0;
	for(var i = 0; i 
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onclick, onblur event

	function makeEditable(div){
		div.style.border = "1px solid #000";
		div.style.padding = "20px";
		div.contentEditable = true;
	function makeReadOnly(div){
		div.style.border = "none";
		div.style.padding = "0px";
		div.contentEditable = false;

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RMV - Camera Scroll EX

RMV – Camera Scroll EX

Author: Soulpour777

Plugin Description:

There are games where you want the character to be followed by a certain ‘camera-like’ effect on it. 38 more words

RPG Maker MV

bitcoinjs-lib in Meteor js

If you want to use bitcoinjs-lib in Meteor js, try out this package: https://atmospherejs.com/ca333/bitcoinjs

add it via:

meteor add ca333:bitcoinjs

Before you test it, you should install npm package: 33 more words


An Exercise in Sensibility - Copy a Request

Today we’ll look at something that I feel is incredibly useful: Copying a request into another similar request from a catalog item while filling out a catalog item. 428 more words


Pie chart with interactive resizable slices

We recently needed to elicit user values within a quota limit. The idea of an interactive pie chart with draggable slices came to mind, but somehow it appears that no such code exists in JavaScript ( 451 more words