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Khooni Murdaa Was Every Stalker Movie Ever

We say that it was the nineties when the other horror filmmakers made their name, but it was actually the late ’80s. In 1989 came Khooni Murdaa, one of the films that were not made under the Ramsay banner. 266 more words


Bollywood Horror Film Review: Hathyarin (The Female Killer) Has Some Epic Horror Sequences

By the 90s, the Ramsay took a backseat and several filmmakers tired to make the horror genre their own. This also gave rise to a whole new tribe of actors, writers and special effects resources and new horror films. 260 more words


Khooni Panja (The Killer Claw) Is Bollywood's Lesson Against Adultery

By the 90s, the horror films audiences in India were not very much interested in the recent horror filmsĀ that spoke about old ghosts and zombies. 317 more words