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Young, bright…unemployed?

Young, strong, smart, but without job. It is the radiography of thousands of young Europeans. The worst case is Spain where in some counties the unemployment rate is about or more than 50% of the active population. 862 more words

Europe for all. A funny way to explain EU to all audience by videos.

Europe and the European Union for some people are concepts that translate to far, boring and unintelligible. I guess it is not a secret to say. 394 more words

European Studies? What is (will be) it?

I got inspired from a seminar we had, and two questions came to my mind. The first of them is what is European Studies, or the concept “European Studies” as we understand nowadays in our master students perspective and how has it changed in my own perspective during the last years. 1,023 more words

Open Letter about Multiculturalism to Cameron, Merkel and Sarkozy.

Dear Cameron, Merkel and Sarkozy,

The last weeks I have read declarations from all of you, Cameron, Merkel and Sarkozy, declaring that multiculturalism has failed. 821 more words

Cars green and green and green....

The European Commission has decided to be more green with the environment and to reduce CO2 emissions. The Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport is a key player in this aim. 504 more words

The Tragedy of Central Europe

   Our group has chosen the text by Milan Kundera “The Tragedy of Central Europe”. The text was published in 1984, which makes it even more interesting to read from the time prospective that we have now. 915 more words

Spain is different? Para bien, y para mal…

          Hace poco más de una semana tuve el placer y el privilegio de asistir a una clase en la universidad bastante especial y peculiar. El tema que se trataba era la memoria en la España post franquista. 743 more words