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How to detect mobile browser

var ua = navigator.userAgent;
if ((ua.match(/touch|tablet|mobile|android|ipad|blackberry|rim|phone|silk/i)) && !window.location.href.match(/fullsite=true/i)){


Basic NodeEclipse Setup


Eclipse is an IDE which is built in java and is mostly used for java development. Eclipse also supports multiple other languages through use of plugins. 162 more words


No PhD required

CLM 6.0.2 comes with the server side implementation for the Plain Old XML profile or POXProfile. You can test this feature using one of the recent… 401 more words

Rational Publishing Engine

Download E-book of Getting Started with AngularJS

This document of AngularJS which is new framework which runs on Javascript. AngularJS is a framework for the beginners and developers with less code and more functionality. 38 more words

Angularjs Framework

Gulp Basic example

What is Gulp

Gulp is simple form is a javascript task runner. For java background developers this is very similar to Ant which helps in build and deployment process more standardised, repeatable and automatic. 599 more words


Babel - Javascript Transpiler

What is Transpiler?

A source to source compiler is called Transpiler or transcompiler.
A compiler translates code from higher level language to lower level programming language, where as transpiler compiles from one language to other or from version to other. 542 more words


[MongoDB] Insert new data as first index in existing Array

For instance if i have following simple data:

{ "_id" : ObjectId("56a9d168e7d029513ded52f3"), "first_roof" : [ { "seq" : [ "John", "Ben", "Lee" ] } ] }
… 101 more words