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Yarn- Javascript package manager of the future

As a web developer, most of the time of our day is spent running either npm start, npm install, npm test, npm build etc etc. Package manager holds a vital role in the javascript community. 674 more words

Parallel Javascript Machine

I’m glad to announce a Technology Preview for the Project Memel – Parallel Javascript Machine! Go to http://prodata.trolis.net:8888 and try the examples of Javascript code parallel processing.


Fibonacci Series - Javascript

Fiboanacci Recursive

fibonacci series: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,……

1st fibonacci:1, 2nd fibonacci:1, 3rd fibonacci:2 ………….

//print nth fibonacci number recursive
function fibonacci(n)
  return 1;
  return fibonacci(n-1)+fibonacci(n-2);


//print first n fibonacci numbers
function fibonacciSeries(num)
	let fibArr=[];
	for(let i=1;i<=num;i++)
  return fibArr;


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Sum All Numbers in a Range


We’ll pass you an array of two numbers. Return the sum of those two numbers and all numbers between them.

The lowest number will not always come first. 33 more words


Javascript Prototype

There are two interrelated concepts with prototype in JavaScript:

  • First, every JavaScript function has a prototype property (this property is empty by default), and you attach properties and methods on this prototype property when you want to implement inheritance.
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Javascript Objects

An object is an unordered list of primitive data types (and sometimes reference data types) that is stored as a series of name-value pairs.

Each item in the list is called a property (functions are called methods). 1,377 more words