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Node.js package published

In my new job I am doing front-end coding with React.js, and every Javascript programmer needs to have some package published at npmjs.com I guess. 181 more words

IT And Computers

Story of JS Closures

Once upon a time:

There was a princess…

function princess() {

She lived in a wonderful world full of adventures. She met her Prince Charming, rode around her world on a unicorn, battled dragons, encountered talking animals, and many other fantastical things. 187 more words


Platform as a Service Team-Sr./Principal Engineer-greater Boston, MA location

My client is growing and looking for local candidates-No Visa Sponsorship or transfer available for this role.

Platform as a Service Team

Sr./Principal Engineer- Individual Contributor – very competitive base + 15% bonus + benefits… 362 more words

자바스크립트의 4가지 같음(equality) 비교

4가지 같음(equality) 비교 방식

  • 느슨한 비교 (==)
  • 엄격한 비교 (===)
  • SameValueZero
  • SameValue

3가지 값 비교 연산자

  • ==
  • ===
  • Object.is

느슨한 비교 (==)

비교 대상인 양쪽을 정해진 규칙에 따라 공통의 타입으로 형 변환을 한 다음 비교합니다. 24 more words


Moving an object with XST3 and Rects

Same example as fillrect but with an object rect similar to SDL.

winscreen(640, 480, 0, 1);
setfont(28, 'Algerian');

var rect = new Rect();
rect.x = 0, rect.y = 0;
rect.width = 100, rect.height = 100;

function main() {
rect.x = getmousex();
rect.y = getmousey();
fillRect(rect.x-rect.width/2, rect.y-rect.height/2, rect.width, rect.height);


JS Garbage Collection Improvements

Check out the latest updates to JavaScripts Garbage collection here


And get more information on must have Node packages at Great Commentary on NodeJS Resources


Data Flow in We Go Too

I designed We Go Too as a data driven app.  Users create our data by recording
or plotting a route on our react native map. Routes are searcheable by keyword 
and group events can be created to share a route in real time with friends. 54 more words