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Good User Interface and More...

We’re over the hump! Six more weeks and if we’re lucky they’ll cut the last one down to three days.

Our Meeting

We had one teammate absent (he’s moving) and my audio and video never finished connecting to our Google+ HOA, so our other teammate was the only presenter. 594 more words


How AngularJs Connects Remote Server Using $http(2/2)

As I told in last article, here we will discuss more points on $http service like header, cache and request and response transformation. I am coming direct to the point. 364 more words


NuGet from Scratch

Creating a new NuGet package can be an ordeal, with few existing resources aside from the reference docs. In this walk-through, I’ll take you through the process I used to package several non-code libraries. 967 more words


Week 2: Meetings and Some Coding

This week was pretty light. We had two team meetings and taught each other code. We created a new Github repository for our code snippets and I posted to the HTML/CSS/Javascript board this week. 347 more words