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Gift Guide: For Your Guy

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Totally unlike shopping for your girlfriends, buying for your man is just tough. 192 more words

UP(r) User Stories and how Technology Can Help People

An experienced inventor, Michael Luna was the chief technology officer of Jawbone, the manufacturer of UP(r) tracker, where he led an international team in developing systems for the medical and consumer fitness industries. 217 more words


A Brief History of the Killer Bee

Michael Luna has spent nearly a decade in the wireless data industry as a management professional and design engineer. Over the course of his career, he has worked in leadership positions with companies such as Jawbone and Seven Networks. 265 more words


Jawbone Review

Going into Jawbone you’d be forgiven for not thinking much of it; a familiar story of a once promising boxer whose body wears the scars of age, alcoholism and unspecified traumas, taking one last fight in a desperate, stupid bid for glory. 597 more words

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)

As the chief technology officer of Jawbone, a tech company in San Francisco, Michael Luna draws upon his decades of advanced technical and administrative experience. In addition to his work with Jawbone, Michael Luna has played key roles with multiple industry organizations, including the WAP Forum (which became part of the Open Mobile Alliance (“OMA”) in 2002). 132 more words


Tips for Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Michael Luna has worked for more than 30 years building a career as a technology manager, engineer, and inventor through his work at such firms as Jawbone and Openwave Systems, Inc. 390 more words


Consumer Technology CTO Plans Scholarship Program for Latch-Key Kids

Michael Luna, who serves as chief technology officer of Jawbone, a consumer technology company headquartered in San Francisco, has a passion for helping people through technological innovation and through a scholarship program that he plans to establish. 283 more words