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New Normal? 

My fit tracker wants me to increase my daily step count from 10,000 steps to 12,000 steps. 12,000 steps is something like six miles, and bit blows my mind that I hit this number by just going about my day and with maybe a 30 minute workout. 32 more words


I bought a Jawbone – the little one that I can hook on a pocket or (more likely) on my bra – you know… the cheap one.   609 more words

Ya en Madbid busca la ganga de esta pulsera fitness

Ya en Madbid puedes busca la ganga de esta pulsera fitness. Comprar a precio de risa una Jawbone es posible en esta web de subastas locas. 291 more words


Start up: death to calendars!, S6 hits 10m (is that fast?), why Apple ditched the TV, and more

Yeah, you know it’s not really necessary. Photo by clagnut on Flickr.

A selection of 12 links for you. Don’t have a meeting about it. I’m… 1,835 more words


Yesterday I walked... 

Over 12,500 steps and…

… Some of those steps were going across the stage at my college graduation! Couldn’t be happier!

Be back later for graduation talk, running talk ect! 7 more words

One big reason Jawbone took debt

Back in February, Fortune‘s Adam Lashinsky reported that Jawbone was in talks to secure a $300 million investment from asset management firm BlackRock . He described it as an “eleventh-hour lifeline” for the maker of Up fitness bands and Jambox speakers, which had “missed production deadlines and fallen behind in the markets it helped create.” 381 more words


Jawbone's $300 Million Investment Isn't What You Thought

A recent major investment in fitness band maker Jawbone may not have technically been an investment.

What was originally billed as a $300 million cash infusion from BlackRock , the world’s largest asset manager, may actually have been a loan, according to a… 192 more words