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Benefits of Martial Arts for Children

Michael Luna, an inventor and wireless data expert who serves Jawbone as its CTO, is an enthusiastic supporter of latch-key children. Michael Luna brings the same inventiveness he uses at Jawbone to his work with children, where he supports access to after-school activities like… 167 more words


Data Sheet—Why Fitbit Is Looking So Sickly

This is the web version of Data Sheet, Fortune’s daily newsletter on the top tech news. To get it delivered daily to your in-box, sign up here… 537 more words


Jawbone - Film Review (2017)

About – A former youth boxing champion Jimmy McCabe (Johnny Harris) is rock bottom after his mother’s passing. He returns to his childhood boxing club. 415 more words


Fitness Tracking App Reveals Secret US Military Bases, CIA "Black" Sites

An interactive online fitness tracking map published in November of 2017 which compiles a running history of the location and routes of 27 million fitness-device users has… 806 more words


Bees and Humans - More Socially Alike Than Thought?

Michael Luna, a leader at companies like Seven Networks and Jawbone, is fascinated by bees. Michael Luna hopes to use the insights into interaction he gains through the study of bees to better understand human interactions, which can assist in leadership at organizations like Jawbone. 144 more words


Strategies For Ensuring Maximum Effectiveness of Patent Applications

With a background as chief technology officer (CTO) with Aliphcom (dba Jawbone), Michael Luna has experience spanning innovation strategy and intellectual property protection. With Jawbone and other companies, Michael Luna has led cross-functional teams in the development of diverse patent portfolios. 152 more words


Patent Basics

For more than three decades, Michael Luna has been involved in the technology field, including roles as a technology manager, inventor, and engineer at many organizations, including Jawbone. 174 more words