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The Nice Guys (2016)

2016.94: The Nice Guys (Amazon VOD)

While I really quite enjoyed this film, its clearly not as smart as it thinks it is, and its very evident that its trying awfully hard- maybe… 575 more words


The Curious Case of John Hancock's Jaws 2

By Paul Downey

With the release of Jaws 2 on Blu Ray earlier this year, I managed to catch a documentary about the making of the film. 421 more words

31 Horror Movies in 31 Days-Jaws 2 (1978)

Jaws was the inception of the summer blockbuster when it depopulated beaches upon its release and frankly, it shouldn’t have been the advent of insatiable sequel cash-ins. 239 more words


Movie Ticket Memories: Jaws 2

I finally bring Jaws Month(s) to a close with the first of a new series of posts spotlighting my favorite memories from various trips to the movies. 19 more words

Review : Jaws 2 (1978)

With the huge success of Jaws in the summer of 1975, it was obvious a sequel would see the light of day. Jaws 2 was directed by Jeannot Szwarc and released in 1978. 347 more words


Jaws 2 (1978)

Three years after Jaws became a summer blockbuster and my favorite movie of all time, Jaws 2 was released. And that probably wasn’t a good thing. 18 more words