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It Comes In Waves: Jaws The Revenge - A Tale of Hollywood Folly

“Since time immemorial, events have taken place with no evident reason for their happening. Such phenomena has been man’s dilemma and the subject of constant philosophical discussion.

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The real revenge of Jaws: Jaws 5

If you thought the Jaws franchise finished with Michael Caine joining up with Chief Brody’s wife to finally put an end to the  Brody/Bruce(do sharks have last names? 997 more words


Movie Review: Jaws 2

When it comes to the Jaws sequels do yourself a favor; only watch the second one. From what I have heard prior to watching this film this was the better sequel of the franchise; at least a good follow up to the classic film compared to Jaws 3-D and Jaws: The Revenge (let me put it this way, Jaws 3 had tremendous negative reviews while Revenge was named one of the worst films of all time). 292 more words


Famous films recaptioned: Jaws 2

“Oh yes, that’s much better. Nice and warm now”

From the film Jaws 2.


Rocks In The Attic #639: John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - ‘Christine’ (1983)

Christine wins the award for the worst John Carpenter film with the best John Carpenter score. Well, it’s not a bad film – it just isn’t anything special, especially when it follows the John Carpenter high-water mark of… 346 more words


The story behind John Hancock's Jaws 2

With the release of Jaws 2 on Blu Ray earlier this year, I managed to catch a documentary about the making of the film.

The interesting thing that stood out for me, was that it wasn’t Jeannot Szwarc who was orginally slated to direct, but John D. 398 more words

An honourable film death: Marge from Jaws 2

Marge vs Shark

You have to pity poor Marge from Jaws 2. She is just one of the very unlucky ones who gets eaten by the shark in this film. 163 more words