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The Nice Guys (2016)

2016.94: The Nice Guys (Amazon VOD)

While I really quite enjoyed this film, its clearly not as smart as it thinks it is, and its very evident that its trying awfully hard- maybe… 575 more words


Review | JAWS - Simplicity

Rating: 7/10

By Karum Cooper

Jaws, for me, have always kind of floated around nonchalantly in the list of bands that are making waves within the UK scene right now – though I’ve never looked to into them. 817 more words


The Jump Scare Podcast: Bonus Cast - Remaking Our Favourite Horror Movie


On this episode of the Bonus Podcast, Jay & Coxy answer your fan questions, including remaking our favourite horror movies of all time, the best soundtracks of all time and the essential movies for horror education. 15 more words


Playlist: Best New Tracks Of The Month (November 2016)

December is finally upon us, but let’s not forget all the great new music that November provided. There was a highly-anticipated new single from Pretty Vicious, a new TLSP cover of a French classic, a new selection from Palm Honey’s forthcoming debut EP, a new album from Jaws, and much more. 1,007 more words

The important questions: Why does Netflix always have near-perfect movie recommendations, and then one odd ball?

Netflix wants me to watch Jaws.

Netflix really wants me to watch Jaws.

The streaming service aims to be the vanguard of an all-digital future of movies and television. 679 more words


The thankless role of music in film

The saying “a soundtrack works best when you don’t even notice it” is something I often agree with. As part of a larger whole, the soundtrack of a film should complement the experience and works best when it’s not even acknowledged by the viewer. 403 more words


Slice & Dice Dreadcast - Episode 4 - Baskin & Jaws

On Episode 4 of  Slice & Dice, we take a stop in Hell with the Turkish horror flick, Baskin (2015). After enduring blood, pain and punishment, we dive underwater with the original summer blockbuster, the iconic creature feature, Steven Spielberg’s  81 more words