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Jaws: Shark Teeth from My Dining Room Cabinet

Human beings seem to have a knack or the instinct of collecting random things which interest them. Evry member of the family has certain collectibles they find intriguing and entertaining. 186 more words

The Top 10 Film Scores of John Williams

John Williams is a name that almost anyone will recognise, however avid a moviegoer or musician they are. This is thanks to Williams profound ability to create separate, lush musical worlds to accompany films. 1,093 more words


Lights, Camera, Sharks?

Sharks. For most people sharks are absolutely terrifying but I actually love them. Shark Week on Animal Planet is one of my favorite things. I love the ocean and I think sea creatures are some of the most interesting things out there. 972 more words


embodiment -- strength

Let’s talk about muscles, I guess.

I used to be a dancer. I wasn’t serious about it by any means, but it was my only form of exercise for like fifteen years. 543 more words


Top 5 Steven Spielberg films

Ranking Steven Spielberg films can be a formidable task. Are you scanning his canon for groundbreaking material or merely the majesty of work?

How does a movie in his wheelhouse compare with the moments in which he truly stretches himself? 1,629 more words