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My Top 10 All-Time Favorite Movies

I’ve been writing for House of Geekery now for about three years.  In that time I’ve posted dozens of articles, everything from movie reviews to suggestions for casts, to why people shouldn’t pay attention to… 2,225 more words

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Sharks, Friend or Foe? Living in harmony with other species to protect our ecosystem

For a better understanding of sharks

The recent premiere of the thriller The Shallows, with heartthrob American model and actress Blake Lively who is attacked by a great white shark, encouraged the Oceanographic Institute to make the public aware of the existence of the useful and comprehensive… 928 more words


Gord Downie's Jaws T-Shirt

Something about that T-shirt really clicked when Gord disrobed his jacket to reveal the iconic Jaws design of a deadly shark coming up for a kill. 170 more words

One Mann's Movies Film Review: The Shallows

The Deathly Shallows, part 1

Every shark movie is inevitably compared (unfavourably) against Spielberg’s classic 1975 tourist-muncher.  And “The Shallows” is no exception.  But while not a 5-Fad classic, this flick comes pretty close by being hugely enjoyable and having a lot going for it. 648 more words

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Kayaking with sharks in French Polynesia | Photography by ©Matthew Nitschke.

Kayaking with sharks in French Polynesia | Photography by ©Matthew Nitschke.

Dolly, Jaws, and Braces – The Latest Mandela Effect

Well, the universe is at it again, messing with our minds. Last year, I wrote a blog about the Berenstein Bears, which at that time was the most recent example of a… 1,328 more words