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Social Media in Action

A recurring theme throughout this past semester has not just been how to use social media or the many different types of social media. Rather, a focus has been placed on utilizing social media to advance a business through a given market. 429 more words

Content Is Fire, Social Media is Gasoline

In 2013 Dave Kerpen shared a post on LinkedIn entitled Content Is Fire, Social Media is Gasoline.  Within the post he discusses the importance of keeping it real while also keeping it relevant. 621 more words

Social Media

Technology and Regulation: A modern day tortoise and hare tale...with a twist!

Raise your hand if you have a mobile device.

Ok, good; you’re in the majority of business professionals today who are putting technology to good use. ¬† 499 more words

Youtility by Jay Baer - smart marketing is about helping your customer

A very interesting reading for those business that have already understood the importance of the customer and now are on the verge of embracing the idea that businesses should be helpful without getting paid. 444 more words

Customer Focus

The Three Facets of Youtility

“Sixty percent of the decision is made before the prospect identifies himself. Sixty percent of the decision is made before a call, or an email, or an entry into your lead tracking database.

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TIPS: 3 Views of Content

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The online world is utterly obsessed with content. This takes a number of forms, from articles and blogs to photos, graphics of any kind, videos, podcasts, and any re-mix thereof. 404 more words