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Unsane was filmed entirely on an iPhone, and it doesn’t seem to have been vocalised particularly strongly in the build up to the film’s release, seemingly the correct decision to make. 294 more words


55 - Unsane

A low-budget psychological thriller, Unsane is a less involving film than its subject matter and star deserve. Claire Foy is extraordinarily powerful as a paranoid prisoner of mental trauma inflicted on her by a stalker and bureaucratic malfeasance, distressed, knowing, sarcastic, resistant. 55 more words


Always Read the Fine Print - Unsane (2018)

Getting crazy.  So this is about a young woman (Claire Foy).  She gets stressed out with her work and personal life just like everyone, but after she signs a waiver without reading it in its entirety, she finds herself being held against her will as they evaluate if she is a threat to others and herself.  512 more words


Sing (2016) - reviewed by George

What a lot of fun! An animated musical where all the characters are animals and the voice talent is very unexpected!
A koala bear named Buster Moon (voice of Matthew McConaughey) is running the downtown Moon Theater which was previously run by his father, and he is in debt and in need of a good idea for a stage show. 309 more words


Unsane ★★★

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a sucker for low-budget, experimental horror flicks (if one couldn’t tell by my exceptionally high praise for… 1,076 more words