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Trumbo, Early Review - Unfashionably Fun

Even the actors who set out to tell the story of prolific screenwriter and former Communist Dalton Trumbo weren’t entirely aware of the scope of his story when they signed on to the project. 903 more words

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Bryan Cranston Fights for Freedom of Speech in 'Trumbo'

Bryan Cranston is a force of nature in the latest trailer for Trumbo, which tells the story of the legendary screenwriter who was named as a Communist sympathiser and blacklisted from Hollywood’s studio system. 90 more words


Trumbo Early Review

Bryan Cranston is obviously best known for his sterling work as chemistry teacher/ruthless drug kingpin Walter White in Breaking Bad. Even in the setting of ‘50s Hollywood, he can’t seem to escape this legacy. 765 more words


The latest trailer of Emmy winning actor Bryan Cranston, entitled Trumbo, was released recently. If you are unaware, it is about the successful career of screenwriter, Dalton Trumbo. 219 more words

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TRUMBO - International trailer

Here’s a new trailer for the terrific Trumbo. Looks pretty good! Out on November 6.


'Trumbo' Producers On Creating A Cinematic Soapbox For Blacklist Screenwriter - TIFF Video

It has been close to 70 years since the start of the Hollywood blacklist, and screenwriter Dalton Trumbo’s pains during this blemish in show business history still rings true to a number of people in town today. 219 more words

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Toronto Film Review: 'Trumbo'

If history is written by the victors, then the Hollywood-blacklist biopic “Trumbo” comes as a last laugh for all those communist-affiliated talents who spent nearly a dozen years forbidden to write at all. 1,122 more words