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Journey to the Oscars 2016: Trumbo

Directed by Jay Roach and starring Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, Helen Mirren, Louis C.K., Elle Fanning, John Goodman, Michael Stuhlbarg and Dean O’Gorman, Trumbo tells the story of Dalton Trumbo the famous Hollywood screenwriter who was blacklisted for being a communist. 231 more words



Hollywood self-reflection is always a bit strange.  When the vapidest of places turns the camera on itself, you never quite know what to expect.  So a film detailing the period where they turned so anti-communist that they created the infamous… 421 more words


Hollywood light

Trumbo looks and sounds the part but I didn’t give it a second thought after exiting the press screening. (Well, apart from writing up this three-star Sunday Indo review). 242 more words

Hilary A White


Trumbo tells the story of Dalton Trumbo, one of the Hollywood Ten who was put to prison for defying the House of Un-American Activities Committee and placed on the blacklist. 409 more words


Review: Trumbo

Bryan Cranston plays Dalton Trumbo, the Hollywood screenwriter who was a member of the Communist Party of the USA in the 1950s. Along with his fellow industry comrades, he became persecuted by the staunchly anti-Soviet American film industry, leaving him imprisoned and blacklisted from filmmaking. 247 more words

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Non-Review Review: Trumbo

Trumbo is a solid (and fairly formulaic) Hollywood biopic elevated by a powerful central performance from Bryan Cranston.

In many respects, Trumbo is a very familiar story. 1,549 more words


Trumbo: Lista Negra

Trumbo: Lista Negra (Trumbo). (Biografia/Drama); Elenco: Bryan Cranston, Daiane Lane, Helen Mirren; Direção: Jay Roach; USA, 2015. 124 Min.

Ambientado na era do McCarthismo – a famosa ‘caça às bruxas’ no que concerne a suposta infiltração de comunistas na industria cinematográfica americana, orquestrada pelo senador Joseph McCarthy – “Trumbo: Lista Negra” não se proposita a ser histórico, mas biográfico e eivado de ficção. 801 more words

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