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'All The Way' Writer-Director Team On The 2016 Presidential Election, Politics As War & Their Road To Emmys

Opening at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in 2012, Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Schenkkan’s All the Way quickly became a cultural touchstone—re-framing the legacy of one of America’s greatest presidents while holding up a mirror to the challenges and fears in contemporary America, as one of the most significant elections in American history moves toward its dramatic conclusion. 2,663 more words


Comedy Guys No More: Why Todd Phillips, Adam McKay & Jay Roach Turned So Political

Three of America’s favorite comedy directors from ten years ago are now making bids for respectability in surprisingly similar ways.

To wit, in 2004 directors Jay Roach, Adam McKay and Todd Phillips were responsible for… 2,122 more words


'All the Way' Director Jay Roach Remembers First Emmy Wins For 'Recount'

Jay Roach may be known for blockbuster comedies such as “Meet the Parents” and the “Austin Powers” franchise, but he also makes an immense impact during TV’s annual awards season. 454 more words


'All the Way' Makeup Designer Bill Corso Delves Into His Latest Emmy-Nominated Actor Transformation

Coming off a stellar year, with the resurgence of the Star Wars franchise and the stupefying box office draw of Deadpool, Oscar-winning makeup artist Bill Corso has gone… 873 more words


"Trumbo" Showcases the Talents of Cranston and Fanning, but Feels Beyond Its Length

Trumbo, from veteran comedy director Jay Roach (Meet the Parents and Austin Powers series), is based on the true story of the blacklisted screenwriter during an era of anti-Communism.  934 more words

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Politics outshine melodrama as Cranston takes on another complicated public figure

Director Jay Roach and Bryan Cranston join forces to bring the life of *fill in mid-century culture figure here* to the screen. It isn’t hard to see how this idea makes its way from pitch to writer’s room to the screen. 764 more words


Listing to the Right

(I’ve been catching up on some movies I missed when they were in the theaters. God bless streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix.)

I remember when I was young and first learned about the blacklistings of the 1940s and 1950s. 786 more words

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