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"All the Way" (HBO Films)

“All the Way” (HBO)
Directed by Jay Roach

Dear SAG Nominating Committee, When it comes time to put forward your choices for the voting body at large, please look at pieces of craft like Jay Roach’s sensational “All the Way”, instead of the drek you chose last year. 555 more words

TV Review

¿The return of Austin Powers?

Now that they are doing many reboots, remakes, many of us have wondered what happened to Austin Powers? That British spy super ugly, but somehow could seduce any woman. 81 more words


I figure if it’s turns out well the film will have its own momentum and will carry into the video release. So it’s hard to really picture the DVD version when I’m in production. 7 more words

Jay Roach

What 'All the Way' Says About Politics Today -- And Even About Donald Trump

Jay Roach, the director of HBO’s “All the Way,” said that the movie shows a “striking difference” between the “can-do-ism” of the 1960s and the “can’t-do-much-ism of contemporary politics.” 331 more words


Director Jay Roach Says A Fourth 'Austin Powers' Movie Has Been Seriously Discussed

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In news certain to thrill Spencer’s Gifts stockholders, there’s still a flicker of hope that Austin Powers will be taken out of suspended animation for a fourth cinematic adventure. 270 more words


TRUMBO (2015)

A film by Jay Roach

Cast: Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, Helen Mirren

There is a few things that I did not know about Trumbo I knew he was black listed but did not know that he still wrote script after being black listed under an alias even several alias. 289 more words