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Cornwall Border Protest - December 18, 1968.

On December 18, 1968, the Mohawk Indian Band of Akwesasne, erected a blockade on Cornwall Island in front of the International Bridge, to protest against the imposition of Canadian customs duties.  119 more words

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November 19, 1794: Jay Treaty Signed

In retrospect it is difficult to see why the Jay Treaty was so controversial.  The US got the removal of various forts in the north and the northwest that the British had refused to relinquish, secured most favored nation status, and received the then enormous sum of eleven million dollars from the British for damage to American merchant shipping.  8,599 more words

"History is much more the product of chaos than of conspiracy"*...

At the beginning of 1797, John Robison was a man with a solid and long-established reputation in the British scientific establishment. He had been Professor of Natural Philosophy at Edinburgh University for over twenty years, an authority on mathematics and optics; he had recently been appointed senior scientific contributor on the third edition of the 

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