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Daily News Tadka -18.01.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. AAP fears attack on Kejriwal – Drama to get Z+ security!

AAP after ink attack has alleged that it was art of a “big rehearsal” to possibly “physically harm” Arvind in future. 658 more words


Dear Political Class, will it ever be TEAM INDIA ?

“Modi is a Coward and Psychopath” was the exact tweet used by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal accusing our Prime Minister of deliberately edging the CBI to raid his office when in reality, it was the Principal Secretary’s office which was raided for an allegation of corruption. 671 more words


In the last few days I have heard so many of my friends declare their desire to stand in the upcoming elections. Well, it’s only natural that people with a good heart want to change the government after the devastating rains that changed the life of Chennai. 595 more words


'Dam'ned Issues

A city and its people are suffering from floods as a result of bad planning and unscientific urban development. Scenes from Chennai are disturbing. People standing in rooftops waiting for food and clean water to be brought to them through air, submerged houses and vehicles, refugees in schools and hospitals… destruction everywhere! 733 more words


Jayalalitha and Tamil Nadu government more concerned about image than flood relief

Jayalalitha and her government in Tamil Nadu are being heavily criticised for their absence and their abdication of their responsibilities during the flood relief operations. Instead, the ruling party, the AIADMK, has spent more efforts in producing posters and billboards promoting the Chief Minister. 749 more words


For BJP Tamil Nadu, its 2016 or BURST ...

While both the Dravidian parties are mudslinging accusations against each other as to who is the possible cause for Chennai Floods, this could probably be the only time where BJP can make their presence felt in the Dravidian Kingdom of Tamil Nadu. 706 more words


Politically not so Dravidian are we now ???

For the past six decades the ruling Tamil Political class (Be it DMK or AIADMK) has always strived hard to create a wide rift within the minds of the common Tamil population, to establish his/her identity as separate, unique and as per their convenience “DRAVIDIAN” in nature. 657 more words