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A Finale For The Ages: Part VI

There are several images from tonight that I will never forget as long as I live.

Drew’s body crumpled against the windshield of Channing’s truck. 6,310 more words

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Then There Were Eleven.

I used to tell myself that goodbyes were the only perfect things we ever got.

I think I got it from Pretty Little Liars or something. 3,555 more words

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You're Toast.

My fingers trace over the cold condensed fog that covers my window, blocking my view of the outside world.

Small droplets of water form on my fingertips as I will pull away, looking at my work. 4,716 more words

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She's Back.

When people leave, their time and their past freezes.

The people they left behind remain the same in their mind.

They can remember them and the memories like they were yesterday. 4,273 more words

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Baby Time.

The strong smell of pasta enters my nose as I sit down on the couch with my macaroni.

I flip through channel after channel on the guide and finally give up. 2,338 more words

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She Already Has.

Crisp snow descends from the sky and buries the town of Cambridge Hills in a flurry white blanket of coldness.

I watch from the comfort of my window seat as it falls over everything outside. 2,439 more words

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