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Jayne: There’s times I think you don’t take me seriously. I think that ought to change.

Mal: Do you think it’s likely to?

Jayne: You got something you don’t deserve.

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Costumes and the Internet

I, like so many geeks before me, go to comic cons. A lot of them, in fact. I consider myself a member of many fandoms: … 780 more words

Quote of the Day

Mal: I’m sorry. You have very nice qualities, but I didn’t ever marry you.

Book: I believe you did. Last night.

Mal: (goes over to Jayne) How drunk was I last night?

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Climbing in the bouquet, Spock made an important discovery that he suspected might help with the biological problem Jayne was having. He was sure ingesting these flowers would render Jayne’s farts inert.

Quote of the Day

Mal: Zoe, would you get Wash?

Zoe: (on the intercom) This is Zoe. We need all personnel in the cargo bay.

Mal: Whoa, whoa. I said Wash.

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