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I’m not sure if there is an ABC (Australian Born Chinese) of the female persuasion who hasn’t heard some form of the above statement crowed to them by some over-bearing and judgement-filled “Auntie”, or worse, “Mother”.   735 more words


All the Firefly episodes and Serenity ranked from ‘shiny’ to ‘shiniest’

Having done Buffy and Angel, it seemed fitting that I should complete the set by running down my favourite Firefly episodes. As there are so few, and they’re all so good, it seemed silly to cut any off the list.  2,099 more words


A new year is often a fabulous opportunity to start anew – break open the scratchy plastic that seals a new journal, buy multiple sets of Lycra-based breathable clothing that you’ll only wear while eating ice-cream on the sofa and make fabulous promises to yourself that you’ll never be able to keep.   195 more words


Panic mode

So my birthday was Monday. I wish it were some other day. Any other day – preferably months away from Christmas. Birthdays are supposed to be happy celebration days. 217 more words


Feeling boring

I pop on and post but boy do I feel dull. Not that that’s a bad thing. Been busy working at the “real job” and knitting as time allows. 115 more words


Popping in to say hi!!

I figure if I am going to keep this going I need to try and post once a day. I know it’s going to be a busy day so I will pop in now. 187 more words