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Christmas Gift Ideas 2017

So, its December!

How is it December already?! Like wasn’t it March a few weeks ago?! Haha

December means only one thing for me, CHRISTMAS! But, to be honest, I have been excited for Christmas since September!  722 more words

Feeling boring

I pop on and post but boy do I feel dull. Not that that’s a bad thing. Been busy working at the “real job” and knitting as time allows. 115 more words




My name is Megan. Welcome to my blog! This is my first blog post, so its just an introductory post to basically say hi and introduce myself. 34 more words

Popping in to say hi!!

I figure if I am going to keep this going I need to try and post once a day. I know it’s going to be a busy day so I will pop in now. 187 more words


Sundress Academy for the Arts Announces Feed the Animals! Fundraiser

Firefly Farms isn’t just home to the Sundress Academy of the Arts; it’s also the home to a herd of animals, including chickens, sheep, and one very photogenic donkey who oversees them all. 198 more words


Turning a No Into a Yes

Today, Jayne Leach talks about how network marketers can overcome one of their biggest fears – the word “no.” Research shows that we hear the word “no” many more times than we have ever heard the word “yes.” And so, you would think that we would be used to hearing the word “no.” But in reality, when we start out on our Network Marketing journey, our biggest fear and biggest obstacle to overcome is learning how to handle the word “no.” You might have all the energy and passion in the world, but if you hear the word “no” too The post Turning a No Into a Yes appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Mediumship Session with Johndro, Jayne, Lilly, and Nostradamus, Regarding the August 21st, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Group Mediumship Session Contacting the Spirits of Deceased Astrologers 1) Edward Johndro, 2) Charles Jayne, 3) William Lilly, and 4) Michel Nostradamus, Regarding the August 21st, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. 5,719 more words