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Friday nights.

Last night Jayson and I took another date night after work.  We went to one of our favorite restaurants, Chili’s, to split the 2 for $22.  42 more words

Warm welcomes.

Joy came from Jay today in the form of a warm Starbucks cup.  The mid-afternoon slump hit us hard at work, and our Keurig is soon to be laid to rest.  376 more words


Today was incredibly busy at work, making the day fly by.  It was the perfect kind of busy where I wasn’t overwhelmed, but I had something to do every second I was there. 216 more words


I woke up yesterday to freezing temperatures and gigantic snowflakes.  We felt like we were in a snow globe all morning at work.  I found myself getting lost in the beauty of the snow, until remembering it is March.  177 more words

Date night.

Earlier this week Jayson suggested we take a little date night in celebration of my occupational therapy school acceptance and his important presentation.  These nights are few and far between because we usually wait until we have a gift card to go out. 117 more words


Jayson and I had the privilege of attending a good friend’s wedding yesterday.   We took a short road trip to their hometown, and it was such a fun day.  194 more words

Long day and flowers.

Yesterday I spent the day listening to soft Christian music, with candles burning and bright sunshine pouring in from every direction… aka my job is a dream.  128 more words