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Unidentified flying object.

Jayson and I did something last night that we haven’t done in a long, long time.  We pulled our old discs out, and took to the course for a little round of disc golf.  74 more words


Jayson and I went for a drive after cleaning up from dinner last night.  Watching Tennessee farmland sweeping past your car windows is something special.  Sometimes you need to get out… get away… where all your can eyes can reach is green, and crop, and down home people.  145 more words

Walkie talkie.

From the minute I found out I was accepted into Occupational Therapy school in Johnson City, Jayson and I knew we wanted to see Roan Mountain for the first time… 304 more words

Camp winnipesaukee.

Jayson and I have a good friend whom is living out his dream by transforming and building a Methodist camp from the ground up.  Last night he invited us to eat at camp and tour the grounds. 100 more words

When a stranger reaches out.

Our time in Johnson City has been nothing but God-led, divinely-established appointments.  Last week, Jayson and I went to fill out paperwork for his new job.  296 more words

Evening stroll.

Yesterday was a work day for me and Jayson.  It was his first day of work-work, and my day to work around the house.

After dinner we went to explore a state historic park near our house. 10 more words

Sleepy Sunday.

Saturday night, when Jayson and I got back home, I broke out in hives all over my body.  This happens from time-to-time.  We can never figure out exactly what I am allergic to, but I seem to correlate it to stress. 159 more words