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THE DAILY GRIND/WORTH A WATCH: Squarepusher as Shobaleader One - Coopers World (live)

Shobaleader One prove that even one of the most intricate Squarepusher songs can be pulled off live to amazing results! (video)  129 more words


Slinky - John Scofield

Here’s a great 5/4 track from John Scofield’s latest album, ‘Past Present’. It’s an enjoyable tune with an great groove running through it, as is typical in so many of Sco’s compositions. 61 more words


I'll Take Les - John Scofield

This one’s a great soul influenced track from Scofield’s 1999 release ‘Hand Jive’, featuring a sextet including the great Larry Goldings on Keys and Eddie Harris on Tenor. 61 more words


Picks and Pans (John Scofield's solo) - John Scofield

Following on from my transcriptions of his solos on ‘Techno’ and ‘Protocol’ it seems right to post the final up-tempo solo from Sco’s 1986 Gramavision release ‘Still Warm’. 179 more words


Techno (John Scofield's Solo) - John Scofield

Time for another John Scofield solo transcription! This one’s from my favorite early period Sco release, 1986s ‘Still Warm’, more specifically the first track ‘Techno’. Like another solo from this record which I’ve transcribed, ‘Protocol’, the harmonic framework for the solos is fairly simple – in this case, just Bbm7 and Db9. 110 more words


Mike Mandel - Elephant and Castle

I came upon this release by way of Gil Scott-Heron’s studio debut Pieces of a Man, which features guitarist Burt Jones backing Scott-Heron and the solo on Elephant and Castle. 122 more words

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Five More Best Selling Jazz Albums You Need In Your Collection

We promised you a follow up to our previous best-selling jazz music list. Well, here it is! 514 more words

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