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630. that's how I feel

They were the Jazz Crusaders until 1971 at which point they became merely the Crusaders, and less of a straight up jazz outfit, more of a funk driven item. 50 more words

All Vinyl Apocalypse


The James L’Estraunge Orchestra-Eventual Reality. 

Label: BBE.

For the best part of six decades, Scotland has enjoyed a thriving and vibrant music scene, and produced many artist and bands that went on to enjoy commercial success and critical acclaim. 2,984 more words


Air / Moon Safari

It’s hard to think about downtempo music and look past Air’s Moon Safari – while Daft Punk introduced the world to their fresh fusion of disco, funk, and house, another duo were busy developing their own direction for the future of French electronica. 710 more words


Common Edits 012 [CE-012]

Common Edits are a label from Canada entirely dedicated to the art of the edit. As the name suggests, they only release edits, and every time they do, they throw a massive party. 207 more words


Music Revelation Ensemble - Cross Fire

Avantgarde Jazz, Jazz-Funk


Enjoyable jazz featuring guests Pharoah Sanders and John Zorn. Bombastic name aside, the Music Revelation Ensemble turns in solid performances, presenting eight avantgarde numbers with energy and colour. 32 more words



Arthur Blythe’s Columbia Years.

Prodigy is one of the most overused words in the English language. Time after time it’s used to describe young children who show a modicum of talent in sport and music. 4,932 more words


Nu Guinea - Amore (Ng Records)

Nu Guinea’s Tony Allen remix album from last year has just left the turntable, so it’s lucky that they’re putting out a jazzy little 7” this week on their new record label. 104 more words

Beach Music