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Funk & Disco Pops Of 1977: 'The Force' by Kool & The Gang

Kool & The Gang had been present for every single crucial development in funk music-right along with James Brown. . That being the case,the quality of their output during the funk era was very high in relation to their commercial success. 313 more words


BEST NEW MUSIC: The Expansions - Breakthrough

Like a playful Badbadnotgood, The Expansions are bringing jazz back with a modern twist (audio) 195 more words


NEW REISSUE: The Cavendish Orchestra - Funkrund

Get your feet wet into the world of library music with this new compilation from BBE Records (audio) 371 more words


NEW REISSUE: The Lyman Woodard Organization - On Your Mind

One of my most sought after curiosities finally gets reissued via BBE Records and 180 Proof Records! (audio) 351 more words


Funk & Disco Pops Of 1977: 'Right On Time' by The Brothers Johnson

One good way for a musician, group or duo to avoid the problem of a sophomore slump album is to avoid the common mistake of xeroxing the style of their debut set for the follow up. 501 more words


Funky Revelations Of 1987: 'Keep Your Eye On Me' by Herb Alpert

Herb Alpert really never stopped recording in the years between his Tijuana Brass and his late 70’s comeback albumĀ Rise. And he never stopped recording between that album and this either. 568 more words

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