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Do I Dare Transcibe This?

Pat Metheny and Chris Potter, jamming together on Cherokee, arguably one of the hardest jazz standards. I love the energy and communication between them, and as always I love the sound of both of them, each of them being some of my favorite players on their respective instruments. 164 more words

Jazz Listening

Shafter Big Band - Smooth Dancers 2015

The last time the Shafter Big Band played for the Smooth Dancers, the stage was incredibly tiny. No, I mean really small. The bassist and I had to stand very specifically so we wouldn’t be fencing with the necks of our instruments! 219 more words


Sam Brooks - The Man Behind the Music

Take smooth jazz sounds, add pop and mash it up with songs that are classic and contemporary. What do you get? The just-released debut EP of… 1,368 more words

Inspiring Stories About Life

The Summer Party May Be Over, But The Melodies Linger On

Well, we’ve come to the unofficial end of summer, JazzBabies – Labor Day weekend – and the beaches are filled with everybody who wants one last party before it’s over. 858 more words


What (Music) Should I Do with My Jazz Band?

by Ken Tilger, Band Education Specialist –

Do you have a jazz band that you enjoy directing, but just aren’t sure what music you should be teaching and programming? 563 more words

Staff Picks

New Fall Performance

Finger Lakes Cider House – 4017 Hickok Rd, Interlaken, NY 14847 October 23 @ 6pm

Check out this new cider house in Interlaken while we jazz it up with our favorites new and old. 51 more words

What role would LeBron James play in a jazz band?

LeBron James is pretty good at basketball. Fans of the game can agree on that, right? But for those who don’t know basketball, just how good is James at his craft? 178 more words