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Nujabes: Why you should care

I first heard Nujabes when I was watching a League of Legends stream some years ago (I think the guy I was watching was a streamer named Bigfatjiji.) I liked the music he had playing in the background. 224 more words


KAZE is experimental jazz at its finest

To be honest I haven’t sought out much live jazz in the last few years, however KAZE’s performance at Bennett’s Lane this Sunday was a rather explosive re-introduction back into the genre. 155 more words

Gypsymen - Back To Basics (Remastered)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!! what’s the perspective? Maybe this house track by Gypsymen  aka Todd Terry called Back To Basics (Remastered) will help you get your mind right!! Let’s Go!!

Breakbeat Science

naming the animals

the filly and the chestnut mare
the stallion and the roan

the eagle, ram and turtle dove
the caribou alone

he gave them names, each one of them… 23 more words


Radiowe odkrycia

Nagranie radiowe. Na czym polega, jak wygląda, co się w jego trakcie dzieje? Jeszcze do niedawna nie wiedziałam, choć studio kusiło mnie przecież od warsztatów dziennikarskich na studiach. 652 more words

[IDW] Dirty Dancing

Starscream folded his arms and frowned. His fingers tapped against his armor. His wings twitched.

They were making a spectacle of themselves out there.

Starscream’s optics narrowed, but he couldn’t seem to tear his gaze away. 518 more words


[G1] Relaxation Techniques

Optimus was not a mech who often lost control. But he challenged anyone to keep their full faculties about them when they had a ravenous, playful medic at their front and a purring, mischievous saboteur at their back. 490 more words