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2017-03-25 Ironic

I’m looking out the window this morning and I have Alanis Morissette whispering in my ear “Isn’t it Ironic.. don’t you think?”. We haven’t had any real precipitation for weeks and weeks (and it was an extremely dry winter). 296 more words


Ow! Ow! Ow!

Me, each day as I work through the exercises to rehab my left shoulder. I am one solid month out from surgery and have been in physical therapy for two weeks already. 218 more words


Moving Up: Six Pounds

Today, I took a Strength 30 class during my lunch break. I’m also heading to one later this afternoon (because I missed Monday).

A week and a half in, it was… 200 more words


"We both know we ain't kids no more."

Me, every day in Jazzercise: “Psh, bend over and lift my heels? That’s not so hard!”

Sixty seconds later…


An aside: I think other people like routine a lot more than I do. 114 more words


Progress: Week 1

As of yesterday, I had gone to six Jazzercise classes in seven days: four hour-longs, and two half-hour strength classes.

I made minimal changes to my diet; I didn’t eat EVERYTHING I wanted (there isn’t enough fried sushi in the world to do that, really), but I also was doing more of a general, ‘eat more protein/less carbs/more vegetables’ type of thing. 208 more words


The Opera-Jazzercise Connection: Singing!

Have you ever taken a voice lesson or two? Are you a classically-trained singer? Want to improve your voice?

Jazzercise may have been the best thing that happened to my singing voice. 192 more words


"Summer arms are made in the winter."

…Or spring, in my case. Is it weird I’ve never heard that?

Truth: The day after a strength 30 class, you will discover muscles you never dreamed you had through teensy-tiny, every-day movements. 48 more words