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JBJ. Doing It All Now

He was always a stud fielder. Now in the last week, his bat has come alive.

Yesterday he had 5 hits (2 hrs, 3 doubles), 5 runs, and 7 RBI. 63 more words


Flash forward.

2087 Fringe production manager Anthony Condello IV: “Hi everybody and welcome to the Venue Technician orientation meeting for the 100th annual Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival. It’s great to see the faces of so many returning technicians along with those of you that will be techs for the first time.” 565 more words

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Day 16 - A day of gratitude.

And just like that, it all comes to an end. The last shows are going up as I write this, the beer tent and patio are serving up the last of their amber liquid until 10:30, and crews and staff will start tearing down the 2015 edition of the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre festival tonight and continue for the rest of the week. 309 more words

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Day 15 - Waiting for the last of the lasts

The weekend is upon us, and exhaustion is setting in. Actually exhaustion set in on Monday and now we’ve got that adrenaline rush that comes with a second wind. 359 more words

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Day 14 - We do it all for you.

Patron 1: “Whew. That was an ordeal. It took me forever to find a parking space.”

Patron 2: “I know! I circled around for half an hour looking for one, but then I saw a van, that had a Winnipeg Fringe logo on the side of it, leave a spot open right beside the cube, so I took that one.” 1,026 more words

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Day 13 - A soldier in the army.

This white shirt itches. And it doesn’t fit right. Unisex my ass. Hey, that girl cut the collar out of hers. That’s a good idea. It looks like she altered it too. 979 more words

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Day um.... 12? - What the hell day is it?

Although it’s only day 8 of the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, most of the techs have been at it now for 12 days straight. Some of the techs and staff have been working on the festival for a lot longer than that, and our fearless leaders Chuck and Jen don’t stop working the Fringe and will start working on the 29th annual 2016 Fringe on Monday as the 2015 Fringe is coming down. 605 more words

Winnipeg Fringe Festival