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RedHat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Product Overview by E-SPIN

This video is about RedHat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Product Overview by E-SPIN

For those who can not join us for the session, please see the summary and highlight clip for the event. 38 more words


Java EE moves to Eclipse

If you’ve been following the news about Oracle’s new direction for Java EE, you’ll know that one of the motivations for changing the governance and process is to move Java EE forward in a more agile and responsive manner. 328 more words


The future of Java EE

At this stage the future of Java EE looks brighter than it has for quite a while as Oracle, working with Red Hat, IBM, other vendors and the wider community to move the specifications, TCKs and overall innovation to an open source foundation. 1,479 more words


Red Hat - Log 분석 툴, Log Reaper 사용 해 보기

이번 포스팅은 Red Hat 의 지원 서비스에 대해서 입니다.
Log Reaper 라고…
쉽게 얘기하면 Log 분석 툴??? 정도 될까요? ( 해결 방법까지 제시를 해 줍니다. ) 24 more words

WildFly 8-10 and JBoss EAP 7 verbose HTTP headers

As a developer I am really happy to have an easy way to determine which version of a software I’m running. But I do not like it if my software tells everyone its name and version, as this gives important fingerprinting information to possible attackers. 346 more words


Primary and Secondary Data Stores in Appian

Appian has a primary data store (i.e. database) that it uses to store Appian-related data records, such as the feed items in Tempo, each users’ followers, and locks when editing application objects in the designer. 366 more words

System Administration

Installing Appian 17.2 on Centos 7

As part of a recent project, I was provided the opportunity to evaluate Appian (a Business Process Management Suite) and how it can fit the requirements. 2,560 more words

System Administration