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Data Virtualization

Data Virtualization is basically a data-integration solution that allows an application to retrieve and transform data without having to know how it is formatted at source or where it is physically located. 571 more words


What Are You Getting from (Big) Data?

Gartner has a term for information which is routinely gathered, but not really used: dark data. This is information which is collected for a direct purpose (like processing an online transaction), but then never really used for anything else. 641 more words


Prevent hawtio from phoning home

Hawtio is bundled in several applications as a management console. In one project we are using it with JBoss EAP 6. However, when the application server starts hawtio attempts to update itself from Github: 105 more words


JBoss EAP 7 Domain deployments - Part 2: Domain deployments through the EAP 7.0 Management Console

In this blog series we will present several ways to deploy an application on an EAP Domain. The series consists of 5 parts. Each one will be a standalone article, but the series as a whole will present a range of useful topics for working with JBoss EAP. 574 more words

Accelerated Development And Management

Comparison of cloud and on-premise license types for WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss and tc Server

Modern applications require flexibility to accommodate unpredictable and often spiky workloads. This means that the license for the software that powers your application must be able to fit requirements of your deployment, not the other way around when you have to work with limited license options dictated by a vendor. 2,427 more words


Considerations for Implementing JBoss Fuse in your Enterprise

In today’s modern world, the need for enterprise integration has never been greater. Companies are looking for ways to reduce the costs of their application infrastructure and one of the ways they are doing that is by extending the lifespan of older legacy platforms. 1,007 more words

Accelerated Development And Management

Announcing Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 7.0

Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 7.0 is here.

This significant new release offers a variety of features which are designed for complex, distributed, and high-volume, velocity data requirements. 690 more words