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Home Depot Is Going to Stop Selling Its "Peeping Tom" Halloween Decoration

Apparently Home Depot has been selling a Halloween decoration called the “Scary Peeper Creeper.”  It’s a pretty realistic looking man’s face in a hoodie that you attach to a window with suction cups, so it looks like the guy is spying on you. 78 more words

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The Secret to Curing Sleep Issues Is Wearing Sunglasses at Night

According to a sleep expert at the University of British Columbia, if you have trouble sleeping, you can help yourself by wearing SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT. 78 more words

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What's Trending 09/28/16

What’s Trending: Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

-Selena Gomez is officially the first person to reach 100 million Instagram followers.
-She’s been taking a break from social media but her Selenators launced a campaign to put her over the top. 242 more words

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The 10 Greatest Breakfast Cereals of All Time

Here are the 10 greatest cereals of all time, according to more than 570,000 votes on the website MrBreakfast.com:

1.  Quisp.  It was discontinued in the late ’70s, but brought back in 2012. 90 more words

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The "Ig Nobel" Prizes For Dumbest Science Study of the Year

Here are the big “winners”:

1.  A scientist from Egypt did a study on whether wearing different types of PANTS would affect the sex lives of rats.  229 more words

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What's Trending 09/23/16

What’s Trending: Friday, September 23rd, 2016

-Hillary Clinton sat in the hot seat with Zach Galifianakis on his Funny or Die show “Between Two Ferns.” 191 more words

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McDonald's in Japan Has Pumpkin Chocolate French Fries

McDonald’s in Japan just started selling Pumpkin Chocolate French fries.  They’re regular fries with sweet pumpkin sauce and chocolate drizzled on top.

For some reason they’re not selling them in America, but it seems easy enough to recreate it on your own, right?   58 more words

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