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You're Less Than Four Degrees of Separation from Everyone on Facebook

Facebook ran the numbers on all 1.6 billion people on Facebook, and found the average user is just 3.57 degrees of separation away from anyone else.  198 more words


Which Super Bowl Team Has The Most Friends?

They found that Carolina Panthers fans have over 20% more friends than Broncos fans. Fans of the Panthers average just over 500 Facebook friends, and Broncos fans have just under 400. 137 more words


Radio Truth Or Dare: The Opening Ceremony Challenge

Today was a Radio Truth Or Dare for the ages.

It was the Opening Ceremony Challenge, and in honor of Lady Gaga having to sing the National Anthem at Super Bowl 50, one of us had to sing a song that is considered to be one of the hardest to sing OF ALL TIME. 70 more words


Women Are More Likely to Take Photos on the Toilet Than Men

A new survey asked men and women what they do on their phones while they’re doing their filthy business. Here are the results:

1. 36% of women and 42% of men text. 71 more words


What's Trending 02/04/16

What’s Trending: Thursday, February 4th, 2016

-Taylor Swift to launch her own mobile game.
-It’ll be created by the people behind Kim Kardashian’s smash game. 155 more words


Double Dipping at Super Bowl Parties Is Literally Killing People

Here’s the worst thing that can happen. DEATH. Lots and lots of death.

A study at Tulane University in New Orleans analyzed flu data from the past 35 years, and found an interesting connection to the Super Bowl. 142 more words