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A Guy Played the Lottery with $20 He Found, and Won a Million Bucks

A guy named Hubert Tang works as a bartender in San Francisco. We’re not sure how old he is, but he looks like he’s in his mid-20’s. 129 more words


Three Ways to Handle a Meltdown at Work

The next time you think you’re about to have an emotional MELTDOWN at work, here are three things you can do that are more effective than screaming, or going to the bathroom to cry. 170 more words


What's Trending 08/31/15

What’s Trending: Monday, August 31st, 2015

-MTV Video Music Awards hosted by Miley Cyrus
-Kanye West announces his run for President in 2020.
-Miley/Nicki fight…was it real or staged? 163 more words


Producers Podcast 08/28/15

After the show today Ryan sat JC and Mercedes down to have a chat.

We talked about some of the things that were on his mind this week including: 80 more words


Ten Things That Make You More Likely to Get Divorced

The Ashley Madison leak has a least a few marriages on the rocks right now. But here are ten factors other than cheating that make you more likely to get divorced, according to “Cosmopolitan” magazine: 300 more words


23% of Us Use Our Phones to Avoid Talking to the People Around Us

According to a new survey by the Pew Research Center, 23% of us have done it, and 6% of us do it all the time. And actually, that number should probably be higher. 165 more words