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The Nine Careers Where People Are Most Likely to Have Affairs

Here are the nine careers where people are most likely to have affairs.

1.  Finance, including bankers and brokers.

2.  Aviation, including pilots and flight attendants. 90 more words

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The 10 Rudest Things You Can Do When You're a Guest in Someone's House

A new survey found the rudest things you can do when A new survey found the 10 rudest things you can do when you’re a guest in someone’s house.  114 more words

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Five Tips to Survive a Politically-Divided Household

So here are five tips to survive until November 8th.

1.  Remember that what happens in YOUR house is more important than who gets voted into the White House.  210 more words

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If You Are at the State of ‘I Don’t Know’, You’re Doing It Right

‘How do you see yourself in 5 years or 10?’

An interesting question in a conversation I had with few of my friends. One said ‘I hope to be a manager in my company when that time comes.” The other said ‘I couldn’t see myself working abroad.’ It clearly stated what they really like to happen in their lives. 470 more words

People Who Take a Lot of Selfies Are More Likely to Be Lonely and Self-Centered

A new study out of Thailand found people who take and post a lot of selfies are more likely to be vain, attention-seeking, full of anxiety, and LONELY than other people. 84 more words

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Being Funny at Work Might Get You a Promotion

A new study by researchers at Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania found that being funny at work makes people think you’re more capable than you actually are. 193 more words

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