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The Producer's Podcast 10/02/15

After the show today Ryan sat JC and Mercedes down to have a chat.

We talked about some of the things that were on his mind this week including: 72 more words


The Term For Looking at Your Phone is "Phubbing", and It's Ruining Relationships

As far as we can tell, the word “phubbing” has only been in the pop culture lexicon for like two days, and it’s already trying to steal yo girl. 116 more words


The Two Big Costume Trends This Halloween

If you DO feel like getting a jump on things, here are the two big costume trends this year. It’s according to Pinterest though, so take that for what it’s worth. 77 more words


You Can Now Buy Caffeinated Peanut Butter

You can now buy caffeinated peanut butter. It’s from a company called Steem in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

But do not accidentally pack your kids a sandwich made with this stuff, or you’re gonna get some really angry calls from their school. 147 more words


A New York City Employee Got a 30-Day Suspension For Answering Calls in a Fake Robot Voice

67-year-old Ronald Dillon works on the support desk in the IT department at the New York City Health Department. And last year, he stopped answering calls in his normal voice, and started answering them in a fake robot voice. 142 more words