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McDonald's Is Finally Testing Breakfast All Day Long

McDonald’s is making moves toward serving breakfast all day long.

They’re going to start making breakfast items available any time at a few spots in San Diego next month, and if things go well, it could roll out nationwide. 104 more words


Eating 44 Pounds of Chocolate Is as Good For You as Exercising?

This is one of those stories that sounds like amazing news but gets less and less amazing with every detail. But that’s a spoiler, for a few brief, shining moments, bask in the glory of this sentence: 181 more words


70% of Us Regularly Text the Wrong Person

Here are five results from a new survey that show you’re not alone:

1. 70% of people regularly send messages to the wrong person, and 40% have received a text that was meant for someone else. 127 more words


The Most Dangerous Time to Be Home Is 6:30 P.M. on Saturday

A new study found the most dangerous time to be home is 6:30 P.M. on Saturday.

That’s when the most accidents happen, and the theory is it’s because people are cooking dinner while they’ve got a few drinks in them. 70 more words


Mercedes In The Morning: Producers Podcast 03/27/15

After the show today Ryan sat JC and Mercedes down to have a chat.

We talked about some of the things that were on his mind this week including: 90 more words


Arkansas Just Considered a Law That Would Force You to Friend Your Boss on Facebook

Believe it or not, Arkansas just got pretty close to making that a law.

Their House of Representatives passed a bill last month that would allow employers to force their employees to connect with them on social media. 72 more words