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Our Dean of Delish Is On A Roll!

Brothers & Sisters… our classes are filling like mad … so our Dean of Deliciousness is working like mad to design and add great new classes for you to experience.   217 more words

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Reserve A Seat in Class for Your Junior Chef

Our new class catalog is out, and it’s time to book a space in them for your 9-14-year-old Junior Chef! Spaces fill up quickly in the classes, so reserve your spots soon. 294 more words

Cooking Classes

Doctors Without Barbers

Barbarians at the Gates of the OR

It is time for pervasive panic and generalized pandemonium in my little hospital.  We knew we had been fortunate these past few years to remain sheltered in our backwater, unnoticed in the shadow of the huge academic medical center just down the road.   641 more words


A Jamaican Conundrum

By Zaheer E. Clarke

Published March 2, 2015

In my last article I spoke of the pain, disappointment and anger that have lingered since the October fiasco that saw the abandonment of the West Indies tour of India. 1,039 more words


Biz hundert azoi ve tsvantsik

Imagine being an Ephramite, about 3,000 years ago. You’ve just been thumped in battle by the Gileadites, and they are in hot pursuit. You are making a desperate dash for safety across the Jordan River (which probably had a bit of water in it back then) when you are confronted at the ford by yet more Gileadites. 537 more words


Kids Summer Cooking Classes

We haven’t even made it to Spring Break, but admit it, you’re thinking about summer, aren’t you? It’ll be here before you know it, and it’s time to make plans for the kids.  416 more words

Cooking Classes

Sign up for preseason training - are you on the team?

I can probably count on one hand the number of times I have personally experience antisemitism in Australia. And I only need one finger to recall a time when I felt physically threatened for being a Jew. 686 more words