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Hopscotch Values Our Membership with the National Council for Adoption


It was such a pleasure to visit and reconnect with the staff of NCFA.  Together we attended the USCIS Intercountry Adoption Stakeholders Meeting on March 17, 2015.  It was nice to meet in person with the Children’s Issues officers.  Meeting in person allowed for a fresh perspective on the work they do within the constraints of each country and also within our own country’s limitations.  We can truly appreciate the magnitude of work they are undertaking to insure legal and ethical adoptions take place in the best interest of all children.  Thank you Megan Lestino for picking me up from the airport and getting me back on my way home.   Looking forward to seeing all of you again in June for the NCFA/JCICS conference!  

Hopscotch Adoptions

Tom DiFilipo of Joint Council on International Children’s Services: You Owe the Children an Apology

Dear Tom:

You and I have gotten to know each other a bit on a professional level these past couple of years. We have done a podcast together. 520 more words


Joint Council - ACTION REQUEST - Russia

As noted in an email (below) from Natash Shginian, the Russian media is looking for stories of Russian adoptees which will highlight the positive results of living in a safe, permanent and loving family.  388 more words


European Adoption Consultants: Margaret Cole "Pleads Ignorance"

Date: 1997-01-02

Newsday (Melville, NY)

First of three parts

Author: Stephanie Saul. STAFF WRITER

IT WAS a masterful deception, Martha Prokop believes.

In a sparsely decorated orphanage office in Romania she met a docile, blond, 6-year-old boy. 3,722 more words

Adoption Agreement

The Dynamic Duo: The LGA Podcast Conversation With Ethiopian Adoptee Ascelefech Evans and Maureen McCauley Evans, formaly of Joint Council

Man, Ethiopian adoption and JCICS are getting a lot of time here at Land of Gazillion Adoptees!  We continue the trend with our conversation with Ascelefech Evans and Maureen McCauley Evans, who once worked for JCICS.   121 more words


Land of Gazillion Adoptees comes under fire for its podcast conversation with Tom DiFilipo of JCICS

I knew going into my podcast interview with Tom DiFiliop of JCICS that I would be heavily criticized.  In fact, as folks who have listened to the podcast know, I say as much toward the end of the conversation.  2,458 more words