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Heap Dump Generation

Java memory model consists of Heap memory, Thread stacks, Perm gen area.
Heap is memory area which is used for allocating memory for class instances and arrays are created. 412 more words


Using JConsole in WebSphere Application Server environment

There are couple of article available on the internet explain how to using JConsole in WebSphere environment, but unfortunately most of them are not very useful. 30 more words


Java program - number of threads started, memory size and garbage collectors on JConsole or JVisualVM

I have written and started a simple program:

package com.bawi.threads;

public class MySleepingMainThread {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws InterruptedException {
… 1,350 more words

Performance Testing - Bangalore

Are you an expert in Performance Testing especially in LoadRunner , then we are awaiting for you to join our team ?

Looking for Performance Testing Expert who can join us in Bangalore (CGI India) 435 more words

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Connecting remote JVM over JMX using VisualVM or JConsole

There are many posts over the Internet on how to do it right, but unfortunately none worked for me (debian behind firewall on the server side, reached over VPN from my local Mac). 96 more words


Java: Important Questions IV

1. 1. There is a web URL which contains %20 in place of space, how will your replace every %20 with space?

2. Let’s say we have a file on the disk which contains millions of such URL, how will you replace all %20 with space? 510 more words


JMX and MBeans with Spring

by Prasanth Gullapalli

JMX defines an architecture for management and monitoring of long running Java applications. Simply put, it provides an interface for interacting with a running application. 1,181 more words