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Are Christians to Judge Others?

Increasingly Christians are becoming more aware that we do not live in a Christianity society. I’m hesitant to call our society post-Christian because I’m not convinced it ever was… 522 more words


The Gospel Coalition Resources

The Gospel Coalition has been a huge blessing in my growth as a believer. Every year they have a conference that adds to my knowledge of scripture and love for the Lord. 185 more words


Moralism vs. Gospel

There’s a rival to the gospel in the church that goes largely unnoticed. It’s not another religious point of view. It’s not a political situation. It’s not popular culture. 1,784 more words


Are you weak enough for God to use you?

J.D. Greear:

There aren’t many societies that praise weakness. Ours is no different. Whether you’re a pastor or a police officer, an on-the-go salesman or a stay-at-home mother, weakness is seen as a liability. 731 more words

JD Greear

JD Greear On Overcoming Busyness.

This is a simply and highly practical word on how to overcome busyness. You can find the full article here.


Books I've Recently Read

Finding Common Ground by Tim Downs. My campus pastor had me read this book to better understand his philosophy and style of ministry. Because I have been on staff under my campus pastor for a little over two years now I had a decent idea of where this book was going. 714 more words