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Review: 'My Salinger Year' by Joanna Rakoff

People say you outgrow Salinger. That he’s a writer whose work speaks to the particular themes and frustrations of adolescence. That latter might be true. … But I encountered Salinger as a grown-up or rather, someone who, like Franny, was just sloughing off my childhood, my received ideas about how to live in the world.

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Book Challenge

Chapter 1



When I first heard the news, it was as if I’d been given a swift clop in the nuts with a sock full of quarters. 3,673 more words

Adrien Brody

Chapter 2


BY THE TIME I got back to my apartment, I’d convinced myself that I was coming down with a virulent mélange of pneumonia and tuberculosis. 3,091 more words

Adrien Brody

Chapter 3


“I KNOW YOU!” she squealed. “That old man bar uptown, right? You were the curious boy in the corner.”

I already loved that she referred to me as a boy. 2,823 more words

Adrien Brody

Chapter 4


AS I WALKED THROUGH my door, I was instantly assaulted by the smell of stale Marlboros and fresh desperation. I jerked open a window to get some air flowing, and threw Ellington and Coltrane’s… 3,769 more words

Adrien Brody

Chapter 5


THE BEST THING ABOUT the Comfort Diner, is that, unlike most of the other joints in the city, they haven’t got any mirrors all up and down their walls. 4,324 more words

Adrien Brody

Franny and Zooey, JD Salinger


Being the youngest of four children, I have seen my fair share of sibling squabbles. But the Glasses’ rows really take the biscuit!

From a family full of born-geniuses, Franny and Zooey Glass are the youngest of the myriad of Glass children who were panelists on the radio show “It’s a Wise Child”. 385 more words

Emma Clarke