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The Last Lesbian Bars

Are lesbians losing their defined public spaces to meet? JD Samson goes on a journey across the United States to find out.

“If we do not create spaces where we can get together and talk, and feel like community, then I believe we will all suffer. 90 more words


The Last Lesbian Bars

Hosted by JD Samson (who I might have a bit of a crush on) this video explores some of the reasons that lesbian bars are disappearing throughout the US. 37 more words


Listen: Sharer - "Body Tonight"

Today, Sharer are pleased to reveal their debut song “Body Tonight” to the world. SHARER is Young & Sick (Nick van Hofwegen) and JD Samson (MEN / Le Tigre). 230 more words


Sharer - Body Tonight

This is so much fun! A new collaborative project between the amazing Young & Sick and Punk activist JD Samson. CHECK IT.

Flavorwire Premiere: JD Samson Adds Fuel to Michelle Chamuel's "Face the Fire"

Michelle Chamuel didn’t begin singing on national television, but she certainly made her first big mark there, belting Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl… 212 more words


Simian Ghost, l'élégance suédoise !

Les beaux gosses barbus et moustachus hyper hipsters de Simian Ghost remixés par Le Tigre et le dj de Nîmes Suna : c’est de la bombinette je vous dis ! 89 more words


January - March 2014: JD Samson, hair experiments and a visit from Scott

2014 started out pretty awesome. Newly engaged, I went about my typical day to day while trudging through the Montreal winter. There was definitely an element of hibernation involved as no one really wants to brave -30 temperatures. 410 more words

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