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Spring NamedParameterJdbcTemplate and batchUpdates

Hope you have gone through my previous post on JdbcTemplate! In continuation to that I will explain about
usage of NamedParameterJdbcTemplate using the same project setup. 863 more words


Spring JdbcTemplate and Stored Procedures

Prerequisite: knowledge in java, spring mvc and Database.

This example helps you to know how to access single and multiple result sets returned by a MySQL stored procedure using Spring JdbcTemplate. 1,067 more words


Extracting generated primary key

The method below shows how to retrieve the primary that RDBMS generated as auto number. In this example the column of the primary key in the RDMS table is “CLNT_ID”. 72 more words

Spring 3

JdbcTemplate trouble

Recently we updated our corporate “Spring archetype” to Spring 3.1.  This is a Maven archetype that our developers use to start their projects with.  It includes a standard Spring MVC stack that we use for internal web apps.   413 more words


The Ollin Framework

I have recently discovered a simple Java database framework called “Ollin“. It can be found when searching jdbc fluent api on Google. It has a couple of transaction handling and ORM features, the way many other frameworks do this. 248 more words


Spring JdbcTemplate, MySQL demonstration

This is a demonstration of Spring, MySQL and Maven integration and a quick showcase of database CRUD operations using Spring’s JdbcTemplate.

First off the POM: 1,380 more words