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How To Setup Fuse Tooling For JBoss Developer Studio 10

The release of the latest JBoss Developer Studio (JBDS) brings with it the questions around how to get started with the various JBoss Integration and BPM product tool sets that are not installed out of the box. 514 more words


Setting Up Your System For Scala

There are 3 essentials components that your system will need in order for you to get started with Scala. Those components are the JDK (Java Development Kit), sbt (an open source build tool for Scala) and IntelliJ IDEA (a very effective IDE that’s provides many awesome features). 274 more words


How Red Hat re-designed it's Single Sign On (SSO) architecture, and why.

Red Hat, Inc. recently released the Red Hat SSO product, which is an enterprise application designed to provide federated authentication for web and mobile applications. 1,691 more words


Corrupted IntelliJ Cache

Inadvertently yesterday, I forcefully killed IntelliJ from the command line – which *may* have subsequently lead to all manner of problems with the IntellIJ project I was working on. 137 more words

IntelliJ IDEA

Development workflows with Fuse Integration Services (FIS)

Fuse Integration Services (FIS) is a great product bringing routing (Apache Camel), SOAP and Rest services (CXF) and messaging (JMS) to the modern age of containers and PaaS and all its goodies: encapsulation, immutability, scalability and self healing. 2,622 more words

OpenShift Enterprise By Red Hat

Java Shell

Force Garbage Collection
Since JDK 7 you can use the JDK command tool ‘jcmd’ such as:

jcmd <pid> GC.run

Java Language Support for Visual Studio Code has landed

Java language server is an implementation of the language server protocol for Java. If you recall, language server protocol provides a common way for editors and IDEs to integrate with language smartness providers. 156 more words