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Upgrade to Oracle JDK 10 on CentOS/RHEL

With the release of Java 10 only a few days ago, it seems only prudent to update to Java 10 on suitable systems since the support for… 133 more words


Errors Building Unity Scene

Set up a simple scene with MorphoAR capabilities

Reality Plane – WebCameraControl, ARImageMatchingBehaviour
RealityCamera – SetResolution
Camera – SelectInteract_tc

Error #1
FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. 106 more words


Installing Oracle JDK 8

Red Hat :
Download the latest RPM binary file (.rpm) from Oracle downloads page. Select 32-bit or 64-bit binary based on OS architecture.

Become super user by executing… 79 more words


Upgrade JDK1.7 to JDK1.8 in Cloudera CDH


Cloudera CDH 5.12 on RHEL



The New Features in Java 10 JDK

With the release on March 20, 2018, Java 10 RC1 is now available for the Java community. There are very thrilling new features with this update like “local variable type inference”, “parallel garbage collector” and more, let’s check out the major ones: 432 more words


Start with Java

          Android is the most known operating system in the world. A large number of people use it. It is easy to use for everyone. It has a large amount of feature and easy function which is understandable and usable for all. 522 more words


Collections & Array Conversion with JDK 8

<Integer> ArrayList to int[] Array :

ArrayList<Integer> input = new ArrayList<Integer>();

int[] intArray = input.stream().mapToInt(i -> i).toArray();

Will Work with JDK 8

int[] Array to <Integer> ArrayList : 123 more words