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Development workflows with Fuse Integration Services (FIS)

Fuse Integration Services (FIS) is a great product bringing routing (Apache Camel), SOAP and Rest services (CXF) and messaging (JMS) to the modern age of containers and PaaS and all its goodies: encapsulation, immutability, scalability and self healing. 2,622 more words

OpenShift Enterprise By Red Hat

Java Shell

Force Garbage Collection
Since JDK 7 you can use the JDK command tool ‘jcmd’ such as:

jcmd <pid> GC.run

Java Language Support for Visual Studio Code has landed

Java language server is an implementation of the language server protocol for Java. If you recall, language server protocol provides a common way for editors and IDEs to integrate with language smartness providers. 156 more words


Install portable JDK on Windows without admin rights

I found the basic idea here, the exact steps are:

  1. Install Portable 7zip
  2. Download Oracle JDK installer for Windows (*.exe)
  3. Run 7-ZipPortable.exe from your Portable 7zip…
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Red Hat Open Innovation Labs: Automating CI/CD Deployment Pipelines

In order for businesses to stay agile, developers must be able to deploy apps — quickly, efficiently, and in a streamlined manner. Red Hat Open Innovation Labs… 64 more words


Microservices CI/CD Pipelines in Openshift

One of the greatest advantages of using docker containers is the fact that you can move them between environments. A promotion from Development to a Production environment, shouldn’t take more than some few seconds. 330 more words


Install Java JDK on Ubuntu Linux

This post will list down the steps to install Oracle Java JDK in Ubuntu. I’ve Ubuntu 16.04 in my system but any other Debian based Linux operating systems should be compatible with these steps. 342 more words