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When faith abandons me

I brought a rumor when I came down from the mountain
That spread quicker than the fire in your eyes
Heaven won’t let me in, I took my medicine… 115 more words

And you get what you want

All the shit that we talk is a smokescreen
It’s a waste of your time
A waste of my being
Cause I wanna ride the white dove… 70 more words

I dream the same thing over again

The flames of afterlife
Arms folded as I bow my head
Below the face in the sky
My Imagination, bodies back from the dead

Hair: … 68 more words

The footsteps that were next to me

I heard that evil comes disguised
Like a city of angels
I’m walking towards the light

Hair Base: .Shi / Undercut / Mono

Hair and Horns: … 79 more words

And the skin flies all around us

Well he writes the line wrote down my spine
It says “Oh do you believe in love there?”
So slow down slow down you’re taking me over… 75 more words

A jump into the deep end

Don’t fake it when it comes to making money –
So… she smiles, but that’s cruel
If you knew what she’d think, if you knew what she was after… 104 more words

You've got me for your prey

Your words walk right through my ears
Presuming I like what I hear

And now I’m stuck in the web
You’re spinning

Hair:  ~Tableau Vivant~ 89 more words