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The Ugly Side Of Beauty

There’s a reason why Ariel and Cinderella didn’t have female friends and only female rivals….

I decided to write this because as a female I experience negativity from other women quite a lot. 1,038 more words

Expect the Best in Friendship and Love

Expect the best from your friends, give them your best, and they will come through.

I caught quite a bit of slack (from someone I’ve known a long time and care about deeply) for…

502 more words

Why Do Women Want to be Included?

One of the many things I have found puzzling in the post-divorce world is the notion that the new relationship person in your life must be included in family activities. 588 more words

"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer…"

I would never have thought that Don Corleone could teach women the art of being elegant, but I must say that every time that I go to a party with “couples” I just want to tell 70% women “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”. 695 more words


The Norman Conquests

Norman Rabbatini is a guy who owns a market in my neighborhood. I’ve known Norman I’d say a good thirty years. 6 foot 2, built like a half back with hair that though once was black and lustrous, now lies like strands of linguine across an enormous head the shape of a football. 477 more words

5 Big Steps on How To Overcome Jealousy in Your Relationship

By: Jared Kennedy

Why are some of the most beautiful women in the world the most jealous? Often in the dating world, a man finally gets to date the woman he finds picture-perfect, only to find out later that he has attracted the most jealous and insecure woman he has ever met. 1,001 more words


Why 'Good Girls' Are Pissed Amber Rose Got Married

I’ve seen Twitter go ablaze today with the news that stripper, turned video chick, professional jump off to the stars, Amber Rose married her man and child’s father Wiz Kalifa. 878 more words