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Green with Envy

I’m so so very jealous of all the women I know getting pregnant and having baby’s, I know I shouldn’t be, having a baby is a beautiful, natural and life affirming experience, one I want for me and my partner so desperately, but I just feel sick to my stomach when, yet again, one of my friends has a baby/gets pregnant and the guilt of these emotions just makes me feel worse. 472 more words

"The Girl"

I of course knew that opening our marriage would at some point mean that my husband would start to see someone else, how could I not, but after 9 months of being with my boyfriend I had started to become content in the way things were, selfish I know. 715 more words



I’ll hold you as close as I can tonight
Make a million memories of you here
So I don’t forget
The way you smile
The way you laugh when I kiss our neck… 61 more words


You want me to what??

Okay well, let’s start at the beginning of all this crazy life changing stuff, back when my husband and I were only a couple years married.  726 more words


Tonight, I Wanna Dance For You by JLeigh11 (LeighJ)

Making ends meet is tough and Beth finds herself in a situation. It doesn’t seem so bad though, once she gets her eye on Daryl. Frustrating thing is, he doesn’t seem interested until, possibly, he is.

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Ahhh jealousy.. Isn't it beautiful?

Why are girls so fucking jealous of their boyfriends??

And on that note guys – you too suck!

But I want to focus on girls first. 357 more words