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I spend a lot of time in a place where I feel that I absolutely don’t belong. I am a psychologist (in the Nietzschian sense, and in full comprehension of how cringeingly pretentious that is to say) who works in the financial district. 1,357 more words


Jealous of Love: Scenes of love envy & how to overcome it.

July 15, 2018

Jsoul Morgan

Jealous of Love: Scenes of love envy & how to overcome it.

When one is jealous of another, it usually means that this person has feelings of anger and envy because he/she want what the other person has. 809 more words



I am a fickle minded person. One day, I decide to write (4 posts continuously) and then took me 3 years to get back at it again. 492 more words

Jealousy: What Is It Good For?

The green-eyed monster. That feeling that flashes through and infects you before you can even identify it. Jealousy.

One of the pictures that comes to my mind when I think of jealousy is an old-school picture of the Ten Commandments. 270 more words

Emotional Intelligence

The way you look at her

Well, it’s a long read, but worth it. Maybe. :P 492 more words


Why Is My Sister Better Than Me At Everything?

Her elder sister had just become the Head Girl of her school, while she got just one solitary vote for the position of Class Prefect. The one that she had voted for herself. 554 more words


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