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The Danger of Comparison

Comparison can be a dangerous thing because often we are limited by our lack of perspective. What we see for the most part is the results. 582 more words

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Jealousy?!? Envy!?! Why Not Both?

I’m going to talk about what everybody else is too scared to talk about: Jealousy and Envy! YES, jealousy and envy. Now you see, jealousy and envy is a natural emotion just like how you feel immensely sad, angry, or extremely happiness and joy. 696 more words


Dear Opposite Sex Monogamous Couples Who Want to Have a Threesome:

(This, of course, is less in response to any letter I’ve received, and more in response to one I wish I would)

Please, save us all some grief and just hire a call girl. 322 more words


The Texts This Girl Got From A Guy's GF Because She Said 'Hello' To Her Man Are Really Disturbing

When someone calls their exes crazy, I usually see it as more of a reflection of the person than the ex, because a lot of times it’s just them projecting their feelings on them and looking for something to blame other than themselves. 332 more words


If dissonance were to settle down for long, it corrodes every possible organ 

Waiting for a miracle to rinse them with impure water is contradictory… 48 more words


LULLABY - LEILA SLIMANI translated by Sam Taylor

Firstly, the murder of children might not be something everyone wants to read about but I decided to go ahead with this review as I think the themes are pertinent to the times we’re living in.  782 more words


Causes of jealousy.

By David Joel Miller.

Jealousy results in many referrals for counseling.

Jealousy, like it’s relatives anger and loneliness are not specific mental health diagnoses. We often think of these as feelings, but all three also include thoughts and behaviors in addition to the feelings. 1,080 more words

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