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Rescuer, rescue.

I close my eyes and the instant spiral of despair grasps me close. These arms are familiar. This chest I rest my head and burrow myself into is an old acquaintance, one who I knew well. 161 more words


Harvesters Resting and The Gleaners, Jean-Francois Millet

I grew up in a coastal town in Maine, where there were many family farms. My brother and I sometimes worked on the weeding crews. We also spent a lot of time at our grandparents’ farm, learning and probably getting in the way, as they planted, weeded, and harvested from late spring to early fall. 2,128 more words

Food for Thought

I was surprised to read a story in The Guardian this morning about legislation that has been passed in France, making it illegal for supermarkets to dispose of, or purposely spoil, surplus or out of date food. 243 more words

Non Fiction

More Dissertation Notes - Salvador Dali and Jean Francois Millet

Let’s talk Dali! This painting has a crazy long title so I shall reduce it to ‘Dali, Nude, in Contemplation… the Visage of Gala’. I won’t go too in depth about this painting for now, just the bit I find most interesting, which is the dog at the bottom right. 325 more words

Subject Year 2

"Senior" Hikers Travel Through Time

As a writer, one of my favorite sayings has always been “A good story is more about the story than about the truth.”

How true how true. 507 more words

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Quote of the Week/ Rousseau

It is better in art to be honest than clever.

–Theodore Rousseau


Theodore Rousseau (1812-1867) was part of the Barbizon school of painters, an art movement in 19th century France that was instrumental in moving away from from formalism and towards naturalism and artistic expression of emotion.   250 more words