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The Gleaners

This beautiful photo was taken by a friend, Patti Hardee Donnelly. Patti is a Middle School Language Arts Teacher at the same school I retired from. 412 more words


P is for Pissarro and 'The Golden Age of Peasantry'

My father once told me that the average non-art-appreciator could not differentiate between a Picasso and a Pissarro, and if asked, would most likely define the latter as a French term for a public toilet. 401 more words

Oil Painting

The Gleaners

This photo of the gleaners at First Fruits Farm in Louisburg, NC yesterday . . .

(in spite of the downpour and mud) reminds me of Jean-Francois Millet’s painting… 90 more words

Creative Writing

The Color of Social Injustice

Comparing Millet’s and Brintle’s ‘Le Départ pour le Travail’

Back in the 19th century, the French painter Jean-François Millet (1814 – 1875), moved by the social injustice in his country, shifted the focus in his paintings from the rich and prominent to those at the bottom of the social ladder. 190 more words


Rescuer, rescue.

I close my eyes and the instant spiral of despair grasps me close. These arms are familiar. This chest I rest my head and burrow myself into is an old acquaintance, one who I knew well. 161 more words


Harvesters Resting and The Gleaners, Jean-Francois Millet

I grew up in a coastal town in Maine, where there were many family farms. My brother and I sometimes worked on the weeding crews. We also spent a lot of time at our grandparents’ farm, learning and probably getting in the way, as they planted, weeded, and harvested from late spring to early fall. 2,128 more words