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Never in Anger by Jean L. Briggs


 On the drive back from Florida, I read this book which is a portrait of an Eskimo family. For someone interested in different cultures, it was fascinating.

Jean L. Briggs

Never In Anger: Briggs' Study of Inuit/Utku "Oddities"

In this continuation of my reading and analysis of Jean Briggs’ ethnography Never In Anger: Portrait of an Eskimo Family, I find it important to discuss social deviants.   526 more words


Never in Anger: An Intimate Look Into the Life of an Inuit Family

In the strive for higher education, one must read books that seem to be boring .  As an anthropology minor, I am constantly subjected to having to read some sort of ethnography or other, whether it concerns Mormons, Quakers or the Yanomamo of Brazil.   333 more words