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5 wątpliwych powodów, aby nie zwracać uwagi dziecku

Rozbite czoło (zabawa w ganianego na pełnych obrotach w pięć osób w małym mieszkaniu), rozwalona warga (zjeżdżanie na sankach z górki z głową w dół), przegryziony język (wbieganie po śliskich schodach zjeżdżalni na basenie), pęknięta kość w ręce (zjeżdżanie na rolkach z najwyższej górki przy klatce na osiedlu), niezliczone ilości rozdartych łokci, kolan, dłoni itp. 2,070 more words


Why Are Parents Arseholes to Each Other?

Earlier this week I found myself involved in a discussion on Facebook about co-sleeping and breastfeeding, both of which I have practised with my three children. 768 more words


The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff / Book Review

If you’ve been here a while, you’ll know that this book has had a massive effect on my parenting and writing, so I thought an official review was well past it’s due date. 95 more words

Natural Parenting

The Importance of the In-Arms Phase by Jean Liedloff

So a good friend of mine that I met through a mamá/bebé group (and has now become a really dear friend and amazing resource) sent me the book… 2,026 more words


A Teacher for Unlearning

Survival in its most primal form is based on evolutionary advantages and an ability to learn how to navigate one’s environment. But living and living happily takes a little more finesse. 552 more words


Planet Earth: “How to be happy and successful in love” – Part 3 of 4

September 2, 2013

Planet Earth: “How to be happy and successful in love” – Part 3 of 4

Sex saves you as much as alcohol, drugs and hobbies do. 1,358 more words

Down On The Farm

For the past week we’ve been housesitting our friends farm while they’ve been on holiday. Its given us a great opportunity to compare parenting in our motorhome against a more conventional setting. 535 more words