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Les Hautes Solitudes


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Eighty minutes of Jean Seberg‘s face in silence doesn’t sound like the most exciting proposition, in fact it really doesn’t even feel like a film, but anyone with an interest in the figures involved should take a look at this experimental project.   196 more words


Old School Review: Breathless (1960)

Written by François Truffaut and directed by Jean-Luc Godard, “Breathless” is a classic French crime film that helped to form the New Wave style of films coming from French filmmakers at that time. 700 more words


Givenchy in Bonjour tristesse

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If your eyes are craving for a eternal beauty and impecabble chic treat them with old good movie “Bonjour tristesse… 209 more words


ESSENTIALS: Jean-Luc Godard's "Breathless" / Spine #408

For my first official blog, I thought it’d be appropriate to begin with my first foray into foreign film, as well as the first Criterion title I ever bought: Jean-Luc Godard’s… 619 more words

The Ghosts of Les Haute Solitudes

Shot in black and white, entirely silent, and comprised mostly of close-ups, Les Haute Solitudes (1974) becomes an exercise in studying gestures; Dreyer’s close-ups of Renee Falconetti as Jeanne d’Arc elongated to an hour length film if you will. 149 more words


Jean Seberg and Maurice Ronet

A frigid beauty (Miss Seberg) arrives in Peru in the midst of a round-the-world trip in search of fulfilment, accompanied by her husband and his chauffeur, who complete a masochistic menage a trois. Roger Ebert.


Jean Seberg 1938 – 1979

Jean Seberg: American-born actress, discovered by Austrian directer Otto Preminger to play the title role in Saint Joan (1957); final screen appearance in an Austrian film version of the Ibsen… 7 more words