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Autumn 2016 Inspiration

It’s fall, y’all! I hereby join the legions of basic bitches everywhere by proclaiming my dirty secret…I love fall.  Like pug dogs and snowmen, I am not a creature that was built for the heat of summer. 301 more words

REVIEW: "Bonjour Tristesse"

While writing an upcoming blog piece I was compelled to revisit the morally murky waters of “Bonjour Tristesse”. Otto Preminger’s crafty 1958 British-American drama was based on the popular novel by Françoise Sagan. 693 more words

Movie Reviews - B

Saturday Soundtracks - Paint Your Wagon

There are a lot of people who do not really care for the film version of Paint Your Wagon made in 1961. Some of the reasons include the casting, the changes made, the singing ability of its stars and so on. 448 more words

The Telltale Mind

Jean Seberg wearing a blue scarf

Jean Seberg (1938 – 1979) Hounded by the FBI for supporting the Black Panthers and protesting the Vietnam war, Seberg lived in exile in France, until found dead in a car in the back streets of Paris from an overdose of barbiturates. 34 more words


Movie With Major Style Inspo: Breathless (À Bout De Souffle)

Recently I’ve decided to do a giant binge-watch of French New Wave films. As a self-professed Francophile, I’ve always wanted to see the works of Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut, but Netflix (my main source of television/entertainment/binge-watching) doesn’t have any of these films. 131 more words


"Kill!" - Stephen Boyd and Jean Seberg

“Kill!” is one of Stephen Boyd’s most unusual movies. It was directed by cult film director Romain Gary, and was most likely filmed during the summer of 1970 in Southern Spain. 490 more words

Stephen Boyd

The Birds in Peru

David Melville Wingrove is BACK — with another Forbidden Diva column…


Something for the Birds

“If you are face to face with the impossible, all you can do is give in.” 1,298 more words