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Nothing But the Hours/Rien que les heures (1926, Alberto Cavalcanti)

A young, careworn-looking woman takes off her hat and sighs; when she looks up, she breaks into a smile; a young sailor is grinning at her in anticipation. 2,627 more words

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#75. Zero for Conduct (1933)

I saw Zero for Conduct about a month ago and while I remember thinking it was pretty good, a well-made movie that’s more admirable than enjoyable, I don’t remember much of what happened. 440 more words

EFC II #164 - L'Atalante (1934)

The Epic Film Challenge II
#164 – L’Atalante (1934)
Dir. Jean Vigo
Starring: Jean Dasté, Dita Parlo, Michel Simon

The one hundred and sixty-fourth installment of the Epic Film Challenge II, Jean Vigo’s first and final feature film about two newly wed lovers living on a barge, L’Atalante. 38 more words

Epic Film Challenge II

EFC II #163 - Zero for Conduct (1933)

The Epic Film Challenge II
#163 – Zero for Conduct (1933)
Dir. Jean Vigo
Starring: Gérard de Bédarieux, Louis Lefebvre, Gilbert Pruchon, Coco Golstein, Jean Dasté, Léon Larive… 59 more words

Epic Film Challenge II

Il Cinema Ritrovato 2017

It is unclear to me whether it is the films themselves or my perception of them but a big part of what I was able to see at the cinephile’s-warm-pillow-of-a -festival Il Cinema Ritrovato this year seemed to revolve around people -one or two,-fighting against the word around them, clinging to keep (themselves) together. 795 more words

"...the film studio's ideal would be to produce only one film which would go on making money forever."

“However paradoxical it may seem, the film studio’s ideal would be to produce only one film which would go on making money forever.”

— Jean Vigo, French, director


L'Atalante, Jean Vigo, 1934

Someone once told me that Jean Vigo is the world of cinema’s only example of a phenomenon all too familiar to literature or music, that of the promising artist struck dead at a young age, only to leave behind a handful of masterpieces.   177 more words