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Belinda Jean Leverich

Belinda Jean Leverich
c/o Ada County Jail
7210 Barrister Drive
Boise, ID 8370

Belinda gets out of prison on July 30th, 2018. She is currently in jail but should be transferred to prison shortly. 302 more words

Jailhouse Convicts

5.28.17 britney & justin's denim AMA's outfit


my life changed when i found the most perfect sandal at dsw that fateful sunday. that’s right. i had found a DENIM sandal. a few months earlier i fell in-love with a pair of american eagle… 172 more words


Jean 321/365

I’m too embarrassed at how absolutely disgusting our shower is to do before and after photos, but this is how I spent my morning. A friend said it looked like I was heading into a crime scene, and I said, "Oh, so you HAVE seen my shower!" Ugh. 10 more words


Jean 320/365

I’m in a wedding in August, and we’re ordering dresses online. They’ll send you samples to try before you make a decision, so I got to try a few on this weekend. 38 more words


Jean 319/365

I actually went out to be social tonight for awhile! Been a VERY long time. Also been a long time since I’ve had a couple of drinks. Fun night. Glad I went.


Jean 318/365

Poor Heather, one of my colleagues, lost a bet that a bunch of students and teammates at work were part of. She had to sit in the student center today and offer to make balloon animals for students–either swords or snakes! 21 more words


Jean 317/365

Eighty mph photography from the highway this morning. The clouds and the mountains looked so cool–hanging low with the sun just coming up and shining on them from behind the mountain. 10 more words