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Theory has nothing to do with it -

In the early 1960s, Agnes Martin’s geometric compositions evolved into what would later be seen as her signature style: the square grid. Referring to these paintings, the critic Lucy Lippard described them as ‘legendary examples of an unrepetitive use of a repetitive medium’. 467 more words


Where Do They Go?

Apologies for the lack of writing on here in the last six months. My honors project is partly responsible for this, but it has been done for a while now and is now online and downloadable, so you can see the fruit of my labor! 80 more words



As I struggle with my next book – is it a memoir, is it a novel, what is the chronology, what genre is it – along comes this brave and beautiful conversation about that exact question!! 45 more words


How do we fall in love?

Somewhere in this endless internet I’ve found the most breathlessly poetic answer to this question – sadly not by me ;-) – but by author Jeanette Winterson: 213 more words


Summer Reads: A selection of holiday reads for your city break

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

A holiday is the perfect time to make it through this beautifully-written (and famously bulky) story about tragedy, love and art. 147 more words


Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

Nesse romance de formação a personagem principal, que tem o mesmo nome da autora, foi criada por uma mãe adotiva fanaticamente cristã e, ao descobrir sua homossexualidade na adolescência, vivencia um confronto entre sua preferência sexual e as crenças de sua mãe. 102 more words


The Evolution of the Internet Novel, 1984 to Present: A Timeline

Since at least Thomas Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge, and now with Joshua Cohen’s Book of Numbers, we’ve seen the rise of the phrase “Internet novel” — as if anyone knows what that means. 1,075 more words