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Altered States

If possible I love starting the Auckland Writer’s Festival off with attendance at the NZ Listener Gala Night.  Eight authors get seven minutes each to ad lib a chosen topic.   695 more words


‘You need to think, and thinking well is the hardest thing in the world to do.’ —Vivian Gornick I was sitting on a balcony above a sea of heads, close to the edge, looking down on a lit stage. 20 more words

“I knew it like destiny,
and at the same time,
I knew it as choice.”
Jeanette Winterson


First Novels

I often find that when reading through the oeuvres of my favourite contemporary writers, I often do not begin with their first books.  Whilst I do not make this choice intentionally, I find it fascinating to read later efforts, and then go back to the beginning to see how a particular author’s style has changed over time.   686 more words

In the Shadow of Black Friday: Mark Roberts Previews the 2016 Sydney Writers Festival

The Sydney Writers Festival runs from May 16th to 22nd. complete details are available from http://www.swf.org.au/
Last years Sydney Writers Festival was, for many of us, overshadowed by the major attack launched on contemporary Australian writing, and Australian creativity in general, by the then Federal Arts Minister George Brandis. 828 more words

Mark Roberts

‘Imagining’ Monstrosity and Gender in Jeanette Winterson’s Sexing the Cherry

Before I begin writing this, I will make a confession: I only picked up Sexing the Cherry last weekend, as it was 140 pages long. I had assumed I would finish it in one sitting and go off to sleep. 1,977 more words