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Jeanne d'Arc Vador

Née il y a très très très longtemps (vers 1412) dans une galaxie fort fort lointaine (en Lorraine, autant dire fort fort loin), Jeanne d’Arc Vador connut une enfance heureuse au milieu des champs de coquelicots et d’ewoks en fleurs. 360 more words


Hetalia Fanfiction: Irreplaceable Beauty {Mid-Year English Examination, 2014}

Author’s Foreword

Here’s another essay I copied from my old blog, written in May 2014. This was the first time I actually wrote something referenced to an anime, for I have never been one for writing fanfiction. 1,440 more words

Short Story

The Last Days of Jeanne d’Arc (Giramondo Publishing)

Selected comments by author Ali Alizadeh at a panel discussion at the Melbourne Writers Festival 2017

Iran and France were close and Napoleon used Iran as a pawn against the British. 331 more words


A day trip to Rouen

Travel is work and work is travel. As a tour leader I get to see a lot of places. But I also get to see the same places a lot. 744 more words

Day Trip

Review: The Last Days of Jeanne D'Arc by Ali Alizadeh

Ivor Indyk at Giramondo Publishing was one of my lecturers at Sydney Uni 30 years ago, and I see he helped birth Ali Alizadeh’s novel The Last Days of Jeanne D’Arc, which I read last night. 1,824 more words


Forward - France, outside of Jargeau, the Loire Valley, in June of 1429

France, outside of Jargeau, the Loire Valley, in June of 1429

 Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans, Supreme Commander of the French Army, and a young girl only seventeen years of age, the youngest child of either sex in the recorded history of humanity to hold supreme command of a nation’s military (Twain 2007), prepares with her devoted troops to assault the English stronghold in this city while on her campaign to win France back from English occupation, to clear the way for the crowning of Charles VII in Reims as the legitimate King of France, and all in obedience to the will of God as commanded by her voices from heaven. 1,286 more words

Joan Of Arc