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Vérité Part 1 - Reflection 2: He did establish an institutional Church

I mentioned in Vérité Part 1 – Reflection 1 that there was a moment during an RCIA class (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) when Truth Himself confronted me. 566 more words


Vérité Part 1 - Reflection 1: Joan of Arc and "what is true"

Reflections on page 14 of Le Royaume:

When I say that something is true, such as, “The following is true,” I mean that I am giving a testimony to truth. 651 more words


Restoring the influence of Catholic and Royal France in America

U.S. History shows how all Catholic government, whether English, French, or Spanish, was gradually crowded out, on a continent liberally watered by the blood of martyrs from all parts of Europe who first planted the Cross of Christ there and who sought no other end than consolidating His peaceful possession.” ~(The Star-Spangled Heresy, p.171, Solange Hertz; quoted from Puritan’s Empire by Charles A.

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Joan Of Arc

The Two Levels of Sainte-Chapelle

The last destination of my Christmas 2013 trip was Paris. Lucky that one of my friend, Ari, is a history-enthusiast. I myself don’t prefer going to museums/any place which made us pay some fee to enter (even small ones), but if there’s someone who actually stated “I want to visit this and this and this because of this and this and this” with full passion, why not?! 584 more words


Google Chrome Theme: Jeanne d'Arc Alter

Lucy’s Jeanne d’Arc Alter Picture of The Day submission inspired me to make a Google Chrome theme out of this Fate/ Grand Order warrior. So glad I could make a black themed Google Chrome out of this one. 70 more words


Picture of The Day: Jeanne d'Arc Alter 2

This is an awesome artwork style of Jeanne d’Arc Alter. She looks dangerous with that smirk on her face and rightfully so. I mean, you wouldn’t want to deal with a girl surrounded with a bunch of skeletons.