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Joan of Arc and the Ladies Tree

For those who are following my new series on the life of Joan of Arc, you will be pleased to know that we are going to speak soon about the Ladies Tree. 734 more words

Joan Of Arc

Joan of Arc - Young Joan and the Burgundians (2)

Conditions were not ideal in Domrémy while Joan was a youth. Of course, the Hundred Years War made the situation appalling at times. Of notable importance is the fact that France was at war with herself during this period. 393 more words

Joan Of Arc

Joan of Arc - her beginnings (1)

As a child Joan of Arc’s local community knew her by the name, “Jeannette.” That later became what we know in English today as “Joan” after she left her small village on the borderlands of the Holy Roman Empire and ventured on her mission into what was left of France during that period of the Hundred Years War between England and France. 403 more words

Joan Of Arc

The Five - Interesting Combat Systems - Strategy

We’ve had an interesting two weeks so far talking about Action RPG combat systems and traditional turn-based combat, and this week we get to shift focuses to the Strategy RPG. 771 more words

The Five

Close up of Jeanne d'Arc

The solution to our Sunday Teaser – A close up view of the golden Joan of Arc statue found within Paris, with an interesting history behind it. 16 more words


Wallpaper of The Week: Jeanne d'Arc 3

Wow, there is not only one Jeanne d’Arc but two of them which makes this a superb Wallpaper of The Week submission. She is looking gorgeous as hell, and I hope you don’t mind me spamming a lot of Fate series wallpapers.


Jeanne d'Arc

The altar towers above her
as she genuflects
and feels the pumiced floor
connecting with her knees.

Her bristly grey hair shirt
feels as thin as satin… 210 more words