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Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc was a young woman in France in the 1400s who had visions she claimed were from God. She said these visions told her she had to help drive the English out of France. 1,072 more words


Servant Guide - Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)

We got it. You saved for Jeanne (Alter). And then you got her. But now you’ve realized that you haven’t REALLY saved up for her. And not only that, you don’t even know how to use her. 2,565 more words

Servant Guide

Waifu Wednesday: Jeanne Alter

I thought I’d taunt the Fate/Grand Order players a bit with today’s Waifu Wednesday.

The joke’s on me, of course; having not played the game for a while and come back to it just in time for a drop rate up on the extremely popular Jeanne Alter, I burned 90+ Saint Quartz on summons only to receive more Boudicas than I know what to do with and not even a whiff of Jeanne. 1,039 more words

Waifu Wednesday

Joan of Arc by Moya Longstaffe

Joan of Arc is one of those fascinating iconic figures that we are all drawn to: an underdog who stands her ground and defies the establishment. 462 more words


Ten great films set in the Middle Ages....

Well, I confess I only know a few of these, and am disappointed that one of my personal favourites, Kingdom of Heaven, doesn’t make this list.


Jeanne d'Arc - Anime Character Spotlight

Over a month ago I watched an anime called “Shingeki-no-bahamut-genesis.” Only 22 episodes long – this was the ideal weekend binge. There are demons, angels, knights – and it made me laugh and cry. 208 more words


Servant Analysis - Amakusa Shirou

Late as always, but also accurate as always. Or not…probably not. Today, I’m going to tackle the newest addition to the loaded roster of Ruler-class servants in the game – Amakusa Shirou! 2,234 more words

Servant Analysis