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Epilogue - The Pilgrim Dance

The Pilgrim Dance

Shuffling down a narrow
Lonely, dirt path

Into a wide
Open field

I am a pilgrim
A journeyman

One who rests
Only for a time… 116 more words

Joan Of Arc

Chapter 9 - Joan of Arc

You might see now why it is that I moved slowly through the initial steps on the March of Hope. There is so much room for misunderstanding and confusion. 1,919 more words

Joan Of Arc

Chapter 1 - Heaven and Hope

The March of Hope, Part 1

The Freedom Dance continues merrily on…
Imagine my astonishment
When the Queen announced
Through my saintly sister Thérèse
That Joan of Arc was to the fore… 1,945 more words

Joan Of Arc

France - Dordogne Region

There’s much more to France than simply Paris, wine, churches and a beautiful language. For those intrigued in venturing off the well-beaten path, Dordogne is a department… 325 more words


30 women who ruled the world

Hatshepsut (1508-1456 BC) – she was the pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt and one of the most influential rulers of Ancient Egypt. According to Egyptologist James Henry Breasted she was “the first great woman in history of whom we are informed”. 3,306 more words

Women's Leadership

Chapter 5 - “But where is the Paladin?” – Joan of Arc

I will close this section with a story that delights me, one of my favorites that describes the final impetus, the last push that gave me courage to write. 493 more words

Joan Of Arc


Née il y a très très très longtemps (vers 1412) dans une galaxie fort fort lointaine (en Lorraine, autant dire fort fort loin), Jeanne d’Arc Vador connut une enfance heureuse au milieu des champs de coquelicots et d’ewoks en fleurs. 360 more words