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Palm Desert: Police arrest 58-year-old La Quinta woman for driving under the influence

Palm Desert police officers arrested a 58-year-old La Quinta woman for driving under the influence after she wrecked her car in the area north of Fred Waring Drive in Palm Desert, a Sheriff’s official reported. 93 more words


Jeanne Harris Deserves Better From Democrats

Maintaining a neutral stance in the Vancouver City Council Position 3 race between 4 term incumbent Jeanne Harris and challengers Frank Decker, Anne McEnerny-Ogle and Galina Burley, I can’t help but feel sad for how Jeanne Harris has been sold out by the Democrats she has faithfully supported for so long. 1,272 more words


UPDATED: Why Politics Is Called A Blood Sport

Once again we see confirmation of the old Aneurin Bevan quote, “Politics is a Blood Sport” in the Vancouver City Council campaign for position 3, currently held by Jeanne Harris. 778 more words

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Election 2013: Vancouver City Council Position 3

It’s that time again, time to elect city council members for Vancouver and surrounding communities. All candidates have filed and are getting their campaigns geared up for the August primary in hopes of being one of the two chosen by the people to advance on to the general election in November. 1,259 more words


As the Columbian Squirms

It is well known now that the CRC is a very unpopular project among citizens and many business owners. We know it, elected officials know it and of course, even though they try to deny it, the Columbian knows it. 517 more words

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A “Kangaroo Townhall” Won’t Help the CRC

We’re all familiar with the term, Kangaroo Court meaning “a mock court in which the principles of law and justice are disregarded or perverted.” Maybe it is time we also applied it to townhalls by elected officials who have no intent to listen to constituents and instead seem to think they have to sell us on a defective project the majority of their constituents’ have indicated they do not want. 1,028 more words

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When Do Voters Matter? (UPDATE: Video added)

It never ceases to amaze me how Vancouver City Council Members can be so selective in how they choose to represent the city and voters within the city, picking and choosing when they will support the voters’ choices or just ignore us. 684 more words

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