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G. W. Bush takes time out of his busy retirement to trash TRUMP after Obama shaded him for 8 years

(National SentinelPolitical Payback: President Obama blamed everything that went wrong in his administration for eight years on his predecessor, President George W. Bush. 416 more words

Executive Branch

We dodged another bullet last year

Last year, when Americans went to the polls, not only did we dodge this bullet:

And her piggy hooves:

And her sexual-molester, philandering husband, who would be America’s First Man: 303 more words


What I Learned From Governor Jeb Bush

“Matt, how does the President of the LDS church become the President of the LDS church?” – Governor Jeb Bush

I explained that we believe he was called by God, and that the practice is that the man with the most seniority among the highest council of the church becames the new President of the LDS church. 370 more words

POCKETBOOK: Week ending Sept. 29, 2017

  • “In God We Trust”, money and then there’s Florida.

I’m a big fan of God. Trust too. But that phrase on money? Not so much. Money, after all, is simply one convenient way of exchanging services for goods/services for goods. 847 more words

Trump Tweets Support for Schuette

Donald Trump and Bill Schuette stand in the Oval Office on February 28, 2017 (Bill Schuette via Facebook)

Today, President Donald Trump tweeted out support for Attorney General… 141 more words


The NRA Wants You(r money)

In early 2016, President Obama proposed certain minimal gun regulations aimed at reducing gun violence.  It was mainly aimed at making sure gun sales via the internet and gun shows followed the same regulations for background checks, etc., as those who had a physical nexus.  1,086 more words

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