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Jed pt4 (The Tragic End)

Well, this is how it all ends. I’m not proud of the story of Jed. I don’t like admitting that he was a part of my life. 949 more words


Jed pt3

This is part three of the Jed story… Sort of. Like I said at the end of part two, I’m jumping ahead in time. From the first two parts and graduation, it should be clear that I liked Jed a lot. 1,082 more words


(Sitting in Cars With) Jed pt2

An important thing to mention is that I spent a lot of time in Jed’s car with him. A lot of time.

I told you about the first time we were in his car together. 782 more words


Jed pt1

Before I can introduce Jed, I need to explain some things.

I had been the new kid at the beginning of high school. It was tough to make friends because it was a small town. 802 more words


Conversations with Jed

School has improved Jed’s speaking skills a lot. In fact, they improved so much that he now talks endlessly even when I need and ask him to stop. 110 more words

Happy Post

Wow. It’s been a while since I last posted an attempt at a blog entry. I’ve been extremely busy since I gave birth to Sam, a big (as in I-nearly-had-to-be-cut-open-in-the-delivery-room kind of big) and beautiful baby girl who is now a little more than four months old. 509 more words