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So I thought, why not post a block of text here?

I’ve been having a hard time sleeping these past few days. Right now, for example, I lie in bed wanting so badly to just be absorbed by the mattress and not come out until I’ve had a solid seven or eight hours of sound sleep. 1,263 more words

Thank you, son.

Thank you, Jed, for all the joy you have been giving me since that night four years ago, when you caused two nurses to panic in an operating room by making your way out hours before they thought you were going to. 55 more words

Jed's Christmas Gifts

I plan to give Jed two Christmas presents this year partly because he’s been such a good boy and mainly because I want both of us to have our way in choosing the gifts. 286 more words

My Son's Challenge

My biggest blessing this year is overcoming a parenting hurdle. I call it a blessing because I can’t take credit for most of it. It just happened. 1,027 more words

Welcome to the Blog!

Hi there! I’m Jed Herne and this is my new blog, where you can expect concise and often snarky writing advice every week or every 7 days (whichever comes first). Your literary enjoyment may vary!

The station

The station

The station lies with its back to the river, wedged in between the buildings and roads. Sphinx-like it sprawls across the concrete desert as its blackened glass roof winks and glints in the morning sun. 1,308 more words

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