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Retrospective: Star Wars Jedi Knight/Dark Forces

I will to no end hate the inconsistent titles of these games. Who thought it was a good idea to not just neglect the numbers in the end, but to change the title of the series entirely? 1,217 more words



Post number 33 of 33 in The Ganymede Progression.

This is the final exercise in the progression, and tellingly it asks me to examine patterns. 945 more words



Post number 32 of 33 in The Ganymede Progression.

Stagnation is something we are wise to understand and be on the lookout for. Stagnating systems are entropic; the less something is enabled and allowed to change, the less relevance and responsiveness it can have. 789 more words



Post number 31 of 33 in The Ganymede Progression.

For once, I can vary my intro! This is not a very obvious choice for Jedi to consider and not something which will be relevant to all paths. 778 more words



Post number 30 of 33 in The Ganymede Progression.

Jedi in the Star Wars universe are accustomed to confrontation. The first time we hear of them, we hear of their trademark weapon – one more suitable for severing heads than changing minds. 780 more words