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Jedis and Siths

Jedis and Siths are both force users and each side has their strengths and weaknesses. This site will be taking into mind both to try and figure out who is the strongest force user. 36 more words


Refusing to Turn Back


At that time Hanani the seer came to Asa king of Judah and said to him, “Because you relied on the king of Syria, and did not rely on the Lord your God, the army of the king of Syria has escaped you. 662 more words

He fit right in! He fit right in!

Birthday parties.

Who here cringes when their child with ASD gets invited to a birthday party? Does it send nervous tingles down your spine? Do you hover like a helicopter, just because of awful past experiences? 748 more words

Jedi Journey: The Return of Grievous


General Grievous is being tracked down. He escaped in an escape pod, but was shot down. Now the Jedi Council wants to find out what happened to him… 1,489 more words

Star Wars

Jedi Journey: Tracking Down Grievous


I am talking on a Holochat app in my room. I am talking to my friend Nahdar Vebb, the padawan of Kit Fisto. He is from the planet Mon Calamari. 1,397 more words

Star Wars