Monterey County Weekly: Race and Class, the resegregation of schools

The face of the United States is changing rapidly. To look at the face of the future, look no further than public schools. Kids and teens have fewer hang-ups about the identities of their peers. 197 more words


Guest Post: Echoes of Revolution: Resistance, Hip Hop, and the Black Atlantic

This is the fifth and final post in The Junto’s roundtable on the Black Atlantic. The first was by Marley-Vincent Lindsey, the second was by Mark J. 1,494 more words


Remembering the Third Reich American Style

This is the sixth and last in a series of posts.

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Part Two: Pissing on Language (4)

Being “politically correct” ceases to mean what it originally meant. 884 more words


Hwang Chiyeul places 3rd in the final of I am a Singer Season 4

By Phae in the Yellow Sun

Korean singer Hwang Chiyeul picked up 3rd place in the final of Chinese TV show, “I am a singer season 4”. 201 more words


I am a singer 4- Singers and their Duet Partners on the Red Carpet

Red Carpet event held on April 7th.

Photo Credit Ten2222/I am a singer Weibo/


"I Am A Singer" has its best breakthrough round . . . but its most unfair results?! ([RECAP] I Am A Singer Ep 12)

Considering the dull monotony of Season 2 and 3’s predictable breakthrough rounds, I entered watching the episode with some trepidation. But this year’s breakthrough round completely blew me out of the water. 1,299 more words