HKR: Straight Outta St Louis/ Ferguson.. One Year Later

St Louis/ Fergurson, Mo (08-11-15)
Up next on Hard Knock, Davey D continues his reports on the one-year anniversary of the murder of Michael Brown… 112 more words

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The father of hip-hop

ONE OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS of hip-hop was a party-throwing older brother on this date in 1973.

At a back-to-school jam for his younger sister, Cindy, eighteen-year-old  123 more words

On DJ Kool Herc and a Seminal Moment in Hip-Hop History

Journalist Jeff Chang’s 2005 book Can’t Stop Won’t Stop offers a history of hip-hop culture, and he’s particularly good at capturing the 1970s Bronx neighborhood party scene that helped start it all, with a young Jamaican-born DJ named Clive Campbell—who moved to the Bronx with his family as a child and soon started hosting parties as DJ Kool Herc. 363 more words


Authors speak out against societal racism

Social unrest. Structural racism. Multiculturalism. A sexist media. Journalists Jeff Chang and Chris Vognar talked about these topics during a panel at this year’s Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference. 276 more words


Bridging the Racial Divide with Jeff Chang and Chris Vognar

Journalists Jeff Chang and Chris Vognar explain the sensitive topic of race in America and what we need to be doing to achieve racial equality. Narrated by Julian Esparza.


Readers are Leaders! Supporting Hip Hop Scholarship

The director of my graduate program was infamous for telling each cohort that “readers are leaders”, but only recently did things click in a way that allowed me to make a deeper connection between my head, heart, hip hop, and reading. 706 more words

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who we be-jeff chang

“Creativity is the purest of human endeavors. Creativity is the ultimate act of optimism,” he said. Capitalist realism was transforming into something else-a kind of capitalist romanticism.” (235, John Hoke III) 1,189 more words

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