Authors speak out against societal racism

Social unrest. Structural racism. Multiculturalism. A sexist media. Journalists Jeff Chang and Chris Vognar talked about these topics during a panel at this year’s Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference. 276 more words


Bridging the Racial Divide with Jeff Chang and Chris Vognar

Journalists Jeff Chang and Chris Vognar explain the sensitive topic of race in America and what we need to be doing to achieve racial equality. Narrated by Julian Esparza.


Readers are Leaders! Supporting Hip Hop Scholarship

The director of my graduate program was infamous for telling each cohort that “readers are leaders”, but only recently did things click in a way that allowed me to make a deeper connection between my head, heart, hip hop, and reading. 706 more words

Hip Hop

who we be-jeff chang

“Creativity is the purest of human endeavors. Creativity is the ultimate act of optimism,” he said. Capitalist realism was transforming into something else-a kind of capitalist romanticism.” (235, John Hoke III) 1,189 more words

Like_minded Folks

Who We Be: A Conversation with Jeff Chang

Truthdig’s Emily Wilson sits with Jeff Chang, co-founder of ColorLines and the record label SoleSides, as well author of book Who We Be: The Colorization of America, to talk about race and multiculturalism in America. 127 more words

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My Genesis

No, I’m not talking about the band.

Can’t believe it is already the 2nd month of 2015. It felt like yesterday when we wished each other Happy New Year! 1,505 more words