Hwang Chiyeul places 3rd in the final of I am a Singer Season 4

By Phae in the Yellow Sun

Korean singer Hwang Chiyeul picked up 3rd place in the final of Chinese TV show, “I am a singer season 4”. 201 more words


I am a singer 4- Singers and their Duet Partners on the Red Carpet

Red Carpet event held on April 7th.

Photo Credit Ten2222/I am a singer Weibo/


"I Am A Singer" has its best breakthrough round . . . but its most unfair results?! ([RECAP] I Am A Singer Ep 12)

Considering the dull monotony of Season 2 and 3’s predictable breakthrough rounds, I entered watching the episode with some trepidation. But this year’s breakthrough round completely blew me out of the water. 1,299 more words


[Jeff Chang 张信哲] I Believe (2016)





这是进阶版 I Believe。范逸臣的版本,是青年凝视、等待单恋对象的痴情;张信哲版本,温柔、坚定,心中深情从未被任何外在因素影响一星半点。


听听歌 Songs

[RECAP] Hacken Lee doesn't know how to sing in I Am A Singer Ep 11

Which is why Hwang Chi Yeol is here?

Also featuring a “Bad Boy”, a “Bad Romance”, and more bad performances from our beloved singers.

Faced with the last elimination round of the season, the singers finally give it their everything and come out with an amazing episode.  1,187 more words


[RECAP] I Am A Singer Ep 10

(As Hunan TV rolls out the tenth episode of this season, moon148 actually rolls out her 50th post.)

What an episode! Veteran singer 老狼 (which translates to “Old Wolf”) becomes the last singer to join this season’s lineup, officially starting the last elimination round. 1,380 more words


[RECAP] I Am A Singer Season 4 Ep 9

Singer-songwriter and more notably record producer 金志文 (Kim Ji-mun) joins “I Am A Singer” as the third and final “challenger singer”. Who knew this season would pass by so quickly?  1,464 more words