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The anger elephant...

Editor’s note: Jeff Davidson launches a series today… Facing the Elephants in the Room, in which he looks at the overwhelming, but unspoken challenges confronting parents of kids with special needs. 731 more words

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Jeff Davidson...Embracing the brokenness with unconditional love

You have a choice, Dads. You can be like me and wallow in anger, denial, blame, and your own obsession to fix the brokenness. Or you can embrace the brokenness with unconditional love. 792 more words

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Jeff Davidson...How do you overcome becoming a vacant dad?

I thought I was ready to be a dad. My own father had been a great role model in my life and I had many mentors and friends who had experienced the joys of fatherhood. 1,205 more words

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Vikings looking for a new offensive line coach [Pro Football Talk]

The Vikings saw their season come to an end last Sunday and they’ve started making changes to their coaching staff.

During a Tuesday press conference, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said that he will be making changes to his staff after his second year on the job and announced that the first one would involve offensive line coach Jeff Davidson. 122 more words


Vikings OL Coach Jeff Davidson Not Returning Next Season

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (AP) — Mike Zimmer’s mark on the Minnesota Vikings was always going to be defense first.

Two years into his time running the team, much of the work that’s ahead for Zimmer will surround the teaching, strategy and talent on the other side of the ball. 792 more words


25 warning signs for fathers when kids have special needs...

A man will often define himself by where he is in his career, his earnings level, and by how he compares his life to others. It’s how men are taught to keep score. 967 more words

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Burdens and blessings...

Last week in this space I wrote about the mission God has for special needs dads. I described the five roles of the special needs dad as a warrior, a provider, a protector, an encourager and an equipper. 878 more words

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