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Informed by Place and Inspiring Change: Three Story-Keepers of Central Appalachia, Part One: Jeff Ellis by Andrea Fekete

The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” ~ Muriel Rukeyser

West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, Southwest Virginia, East Tennessee, and Western North Carolina make up the central Appalachian region.

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The Lord God is a Jealous God – thank God

Bad things seldom start out as bad things. In the beginning, many of them were actually good things – some, great things. This was certainly the case for me, where a calling went dreadfully wrong. 605 more words

Gay marriage: sponsored by poor leadership

Sometimes inaction produces more profound effects than action. In doing nothing, The United States Supreme Court has (more or less permanently) redrawn the landscape of how Americans are to understand human relationships. 549 more words

Free Matt and Grace Now!

Following is a true story: Matt Huang and his wife Grace are a young couple from Los Angeles who took their young family half-way around the world to the country of Qatar to help make ready FIFA’s 2022 World Cup. 538 more words

Meet stars and win

Boxing fans have been invited to attend a public workout session at Southgate.

The sport we love seems to be turning the corner by bringing the stars to the people. 107 more words

Whack a Mole – NFL Style

As soon as one of those rodents pokes his pesky head up, another takes its place somewhere else. It gets overwhelming and this is why NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is likely not getting much sleep these days. 510 more words

Jeff Ellis

The NFL's Ugly Duckling

Appropriate. The biggest stage featuring a battle between two of the League’s best teams. Football Night in America. The first meaningful 49ers match in the post Candlestick Park era. 903 more words